Please Make Holes in My Buckets! [en]

[fr] Tour d'horizon de mes différents "profils" à droite et a gauche dans le paysage des outils sociaux (social tools). Il manque de la communication entre ces différents services, et mon identité en ligne s'en trouve fragmentée et lourde à gérer. Ajouter des contacts en se basant sur mon carnet d'adresses Gmail est un bon début, mais on peut aller plus loin. Importer ses livres préférés ou des éléments de CV d'un profil à l'autre, par exemple.

[Facebook]( is [Stowe](’s fault. [Twitter]( was because of [Euan]( [Anne Dominique]( is guilty of getting me on [Xing/OpenBC]( I can’t remember precisely for [Flickr]( or [LinkedIn]( or — OMG! — [orkut](, but it was certainly somebody from [#joiito]( The culprits for [](, [DailyMotion]( and [YouTube]( “Even got there early enough to grab ‘steph’ — now I get password reminders almost everyday, great…”) have disappeared into the limbo of lost memories. [Kevin]( encouraged me to [sign up for a good dozen of blogging platforms](, open a [MySpace account](, and he’s probably to blame for me being on [Upcoming]( As for [](, I’ll blame [Matt]( because he’s behind all that.

Granted, I’m probably the only one responsible for having [gotten into blogging]( “Story here, abbreviated version.”) in the first place.

Let’s get back on track. My aim here is not primarily to point an accusing finger to all my devious friends who introduced me to these fun, [addictive](, time-consuming tools (though it’s interesting to note how one forgets those things, in passing). It’s more a sort of round-up of a bunch of my “online selves”. I feel a little scattered, my friends. Here are all these buckets in which I place stuff, but there aren’t enough holes in them.

Feeds are good. Feeds allow me to have Twitter, [](, Flickr, and even stuff in my blog sidebar. It also allows me to connect my blogs to one another, and into Facebook. Here, though, we’re talking “content” much more than “self”.

One example I’ve already certainly talked about (but no courage to dig it out, my blog is starting to be a huge thing in which I can’t find stuff I know it contains) is contacts or buddies — the “Mine” in [Stowe’s analysis of social applications]( I have buddy lists on IM and Skype, contacts on Flickr and just about every service I mentioned in this post. Of *course*, I don’t want to necessarily have the same contacts everywhere. I might love your photos on Flickr and add you as a contact, but not see any interest in adding you to my business network on LinkedIn. Some people, though — my **friends** — I’ll want to have more or less everywhere.

So, here’s a hole in the buckets that I really like: I’ve seen this in many services, but the first time I saw it was on Myspace. “Let us peek in your GMail contacts, and we’ll tell you who already has an account — and let you invite the others.” When I saw that, it scared me (“OMG! Myspace sticking its nose in my e-mail!”) but I also found it really exciting. Now, it would be even better if I could say “import friends and family from Flickr” or “let me choose amongst my IM buddies”, but it’s a good start. Yes, there’s a danger: no, I don’t want to spam invitations to your service to the 450 unknown adresses you found in my contacts, thankyouverymuch. [Plaxo]( is a way to do this (I’ve seen it criticised but I can’t precisely remember why). Facebook does it, which means that within 2 minutes you can already have friends in the network. Twitter doesn’t, which means you have to painstakingly go through your friends of friends lists to get started. I think [coComment]( and any “friend-powered” service should allow us to import contacts like that by now. And yes, sure, privacy issues.

But what about all my **profile information**? I don’t want to have to dig out my favourite movies each time I sign up to a new service. Or my favourite books. Or the schools I went to. I mean, some things are reasonably stable. Why couldn’t I have all that in a central repository, once and for all, and just have all these neat social tools import the information from there? Earlier today, [David]( was telling me over IM that he’d like to have a central service to bring all our Facebook, LinkedIn, OpenBC/Xing, and MySpace stuff together. Or a way to publish his CV/résumé online and allow Facebook to access it to grab data from it. Good ideas, in my opinion.

I’ll mention [OpenID]( here, but just in passing, because although in my dreams in used to hold the promise of this centralised repository of “all things me”, I don’t think that it’s what it has been designed for (if I get it correctly, it is identity **verification** and doesn’t have much to do with the **contents** of this identity). [Microformats]( could on the other hand certainly come in handy here.

So, please, make more holes in my buckets. Importing Gmail contacts in sticking feeds here and there is nice, but not sufficient. For the moment, Facebook seems promising. But let me use Twitter for my statuses, for example, or at least include the feed somewhere (I can only include one feed, so I’ve included my [suprglu one](, but it has a huge lag and is not very satisfying). Let me put photographs in my albums directly from Flickr. Talk with the profiles I made with other similar services. Grab my school and work info from LinkedIn and OpenBC. Then make all this information you have about me available to republish how I want it (feeds, feeds, feeds! widgets! buttons! badges!) where I want it.

Also, [more granularity]( Facebook has a good helping of it: I can choose which type of information I want to see from my contacts. I can restrict certain contacts from seeing certain parts of my profile. I’d like fine control on who can see what, also by sorting my people into “buddy groups”. “Friends” and “Family” as on Flickr is just not enough. And maybe Facebook could come and present me with [Stowe-groupings]( of my contacts, based on the interactions I have with them.

Share your wild ideas here if you have any.

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Films, TMS, et blabla nocturne [fr]

[en] A couple of film recommendations, update on my RSI and some considerations on chronic pain, as well as various random other things (like cats in boxes).

Je trouve mes blablas un peu plus décousus que mes billets. Des tas de petites choses à dire plutôt qu’une grande. J’ai rajouté un “générique” (haha), parlé de deux-trois choses (les liens ci-dessous vous donneront une idée) et pas mal de TMS et de douleur chronique (avec quelques nouvelles d’où j’en suis). Allez, assez de parenthèses, [plongez dans le vif du sujet]( [16min41] — oui je sais, c’est un peu long.

Liens pour aujourd’hui:

– [Volver](
– [Water](, [Earth](, [Fire]( et [Cracking India](
– [l’Avenir](
– [Beercasting and Podcasting Thoughts](
– [Bagha dans sa boîte]( et [autres chats mis en boîte](… (trouvé en passant par hasard: [la fiche IMDB qui a donné son nom à mon chat](
– [43 Folders](
– [ma page sur les TMS (mon histoire)](
– [Odeo](

J’ai oublié un lien? Dites-le-moi!

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Semaine Bollywood sur Arte [en]

Quatre films hindis sont diffusés cette semaine sur Arte. Présentation et horaires.

[] Quatre films hindis sont diffusés cette semaine sur Arte. Présentation et horaires.

Ne pas rater, cette semaine qui vient, les films hindis (indiens) diffusés sur Arte dans le cadre de la Semaine Bollywood.

J’ai vu la plupart des films qu’ils passeront, et je me réjouis de les revoir:

  • Monsoon Wedding, lundi à 20h45 ou mardi à 15h10, un film que j’avais vu avec émotion après mon deuxième voyage en Inde. Contrairement à d’autres films plus purement “bollywood”, celui-ci nous montre une Inde que j’ai vue et à laquelle je peux m’identifier. La réalisatrice, Mira Nair, est déjà connue en occident pour son film Salaam Bombay!
  • Dil Se, mercredi à 22h45, un excellent film de Mani Ratnam (même s’il n’est pas très gai). La bande-son est signée A. R. Rahman, le compositeur numéro un en Inde pour les musiques de film, et qui a été connu plus récemment en occident pour la comédie musicale Bombay Dreams que j’ai eu la chance de voir à Londres. Cette bande-son est généralement reconnue comme étant une de ses meilleures, et le clip de la chanson Chaiyya Chaiyya, dans lequel les héros dansent sur le toit du train menant à Darjeeling, est un vrai moment d’anthologie du cinéma indien.
  • Chori Chori Chupke Chupke, qui passe jeudi à 20h45, est un film que je crois avoir vu, mais qui ne m’a visiblement pas laissé un souvenir impérissable. J’avoue en plus ne pas particulièrement apprécier l’acteur principal Salman Khan (au sujet duquel circulent certaines histoires pas très glorieuses), même si j’aime bien les actrices Preity Zinta et Rani Mukherjee. A noter également que contrairement aux deux précédents, ce film est plus dans le genre “film bollywood standard à succès” (Monsoon Wedding étant clairement du cinéma d’auteur, et Dil Se n’ayant pas particulièrement été apprécié du grand public, d’après ce que j’ai pu entendre).
  • Last but not least, Kuch Kuch Hota Hai, succès interplanétaire dans le genre “pur bollywood de qualité”, et premier film hindi que j’ai eu l’occasion de voir. A ne pas rater, autant pour les acteurs (Shah Rukh Khan, pour qui j’avoue un petit faible, Rani Mukherjee, et Kajol, mon actrice indienne préférée) et l’histoire que pour la musique, qui même si elle n’est pas signée A. R. Rahman, m’a conquise dès la première écoute. Bref, en ce qui me concerne, Kuch Kuch Hota Hai est un excellent film hindi tout à fait typique. A voir, donc, vendredi à 23h45.

Les films sont bien entendu diffusés en version originale sous-titrée, et vous aurez donc amplement l’occasion d’écouter cette langue mystérieuse qu’est le hindi.

La semaine indienne d’Arte commence ce soir avec Bollywood, le cinéma qui chante. Je vous laisse deviner ce que je serai en train de faire dès 22h45…

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UK Trip Report [en]

Write-up of my 5-day trip to the UK. Movies with Aleika, Bombay Dreams in London, an IRC meetup.

The nice thing about having a laptop is that you can fire it up on the airplane and type in peace, without being distracted by IRC, instant messaging, e-mail and stats checking, or simple bloghopping. With iTunes in the background playing Bombay Dreams, my only concern is that the plane will start descending towards Geneva shortly.

My trip to the UK was short, and last-minute. I heard some people from #joiito were going to meet up in London on Sunday, I checked my easyjet flights, called Aleika–

“Ladies and Gentlemen, we will be landing shortly in Geneva. Please return to your seats, make sure your seatbelt is fastened and your seat is in the upright position, and switch off any electronic equipment.”

There goes the laptop, and I now find myself with a post which will be hard to date. Anyway. (Warning: this is a “cheese sandwich” post to some extent, so if you’re bored already, don’t bother reading it.)

Where was I? Yes, last-minute trip. I found a friend to house-and-cat-sit for me, which was nice, and spent the first couple of days at Aleika’s. We did our usual “girls at the movies” thing: get dressed up a bit, leave home late, grab some food which doesn’t come fast enough (well, it took long enough to arrive that I drank my pint of cider almost entirely before the meal, and can now testify that it’s all it takes to make my head spin quite a lot), jump into a cab and run to the theatre (slightly inebriated), only to find that the timings on the internet were incorrect, and we have another half-hour to wait before gleefully drooling all over Hugh Jackman in Van Helsing (OK, I got a bit carried away here, but you get the picture).

I got to spend nearly a whole day alone with Akirno, which was really nice. I didn’t get to see him much on my last visits. He’s grown so much! And he talks so much! (Yes, I know, that’s what I say each time I come back from Birmingham.) He’s a real sweetie. I love him very much.

Unfortunately, I caught a cold (over the top of my first one!) waiting for the bus after Van Helsing, so all my pre-London shopping was done in a rather feverish state. Looking at the bright side of things, it means I didn’t spend as much as I might have, which is a good thing, as my suitcase was already quite full enough (and my bank account empty enough, but that’s another story).

Driving to London went fine. We found a parking space right next to the Apollo Victoria Theatre. (Remember: Sunday matinée shows are a good idea if you’re going to London to see a musical or a play.) Bombay Dreams was really fun, specially as I know most of the songs Rahman re-used for the musical.

Still dressed up (I chose the pink dress), I headed for the #joiito meet-up. Despite this nagging feeling of being somewhat overdressed, and my cold, I had a very nice evening.

As always, though, I had to cope with the frustration of group meet-ups: not enough time to talk with everybody, not enough time to get into interesting conversations with those I talk to. Or maybe I’m just more of a one-to-one person? Anyway, standing invitation for any of you who would want to visit the beautiful town of Lausanne or practice French in the area — just drop me a line, or better (since e-mail is soon to be a dead form of communication, thanks to spam), catch me on IRC.

So, who was there? Well, as I’m nearing the ages of senility, I’m probably forgetting a lot of people, so please bear with me if you’re not mentioned, and let me know if it bothers you too much.

First of all, imajes, my kind host, who was so busy taking me through his iTunes collection on the train back that he missed his home stop. (Can it get worse than that?) Suw prevented me from being the only woman present (I can’t thank you enough for that). Joi was so utterly bored by my presence next to him that he left early to go back to his hotel and sleep — imagine that! (Actually, it seems jetlag also had something to do with it…)

I chatted quite a bit on the way there with imsickofmaps, and on the way back with snowchyld. Hugh managed to mess up my first blogcard somewhat (or whatever those things are called), so I am now the lucky owner of two of them. Gerard aka insert-coin took a nice bunch of photographs and has already put them online. I stole Suw’s camera to take a few photographs, but she’s not home yet, and those I took with my phone are stuck in there until I lay my hands on a Windows PC (thanks, Microsoft).

Apart from bumping my head on a couple of low doorways and leaving my coat there, I brought two things back (not literally) from james’ flat: VoodooPad, which I have not adopted as my official scrap-book application, and a book which made me discover a blog (how often has that happened to you?): Never Threaten to Eat Your Co-Workers: Best of Blogs, a collection of great weblog posts. I read a few pages, and it looked really neat. It’s on my wishlist now.

I think this post is long enough, for a short trip!

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Bollywood au Flon [en]

Main Hoon Na, film hindi projeté lundi qui vient à 20h30 au Flon.

Un petit billet en vitesse avant de m’écrouler de sommeil: la semaine a été bien remplie (plus à ce sujet prochainement), mais je ne pourrai pas dormir avant de vous avoir annoncé la projection de Main Hoon Na lundi soir au Flon (à 20h30, hindi sous-titré anglais).

Si l’envie vous prend de passer une soirée un peu indienne (et de découvrir peut-être sur écran un de mes acteurs de films hindis favori), réservez votre soirée!

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Printemps [en]

Il fait beau, je vais bien, j’ai de quoi m’occuper offline ces temps.

Encore une belle journée d’avril qui me donne envie d’enlever des fils!

Du silence, encore du silence, je sais. Tout baigne, comme on dit. J’ai fini mon travail chez Orange, j’ai mon premier remplacement la semaine prochaine, et je m’occupe en jouant avec mon nouveau serveur dédié et en consommant de hautes doses de cinéma Lynchien et Al Pacinien.

Vivre plus, écrire moins, ça fait parfois du bien!

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Immortel de Enki Bilal [fr]

Projection de Immortel de Enki Bilal demain dimanche au ciné-brunch du Ciné Qua Non (11h00).

Immortel sera projeté demain à 11h00 au Ciné Qua Non à Lausanne. Virginie nous en a parlé brièvement jeudi soir dans l’émission Garage, et si je ne me trompe pas, c’est elle qui assure la projection!

Rendez-vous dès 10h30 pour le petit déjeuner au Café Corto avant le film.

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Cinémathèque — cycles Al Pacino et David Lynch [en]

Cycles Al Pacino et David Lynch ces temps à  la Cinémathèque.

Je continue ma série pub pour les cinémas non-multiplexes, dans la foulée.

Ces temps à  la Cinémathèque Suisse (c’est sous le Casino de Montbenon, si jamais), cycles Al Pacino et David Lynch. Le programme complet version papier peut se ramasser au Cine Qua Non ou à  la Cinémathèque elle-même, et sans doute ailleurs.

On va attaquer avec Blue Velvet demain soir.

Erratum: Blue Velvet, c’est le 14 avril, et non pas aujourd’hui!

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Ciné-Brunch Lausannois [en]

Rendez-vous au Ciné Qua Non le premier dimanche de chaque mois pour un p’tit déj au Café Corto et une projection à  11h.

Le Ciné Qua Non reprend les projections du dimanche à  11h, Ciné-Brunch. Demain, en avant-première, Runaway Jury avec John Cusack, Gene Hackman et Dustin Hoffman.

J’y serai, Virginie certainement aussi (à  ce propos, n’oubliez pas de regarder Garage jeudi qui vient sur la TSR2 si vous désirez être témoin des débuts télé d’une future grande star!), et d’après ce que j’ai vu la semaine passée, on peut déjeuner (croissants-café) au café Corto avant. Sympa, non?

Et si on faisait de ce Ciné-Brunch une petite rencontre informelle de weblogueurs, weblogueuses et autres lecteurs amateurs de cinoche? Allez, on se lance: je vous propose de nous y retrouver le premier dimanche de chaque mois, si ça vous dit. Prochaine expédition, donc, le 4 avril.

Ceci dit, c’est un peu bête, pourquoi se limiter à  une fois par mois? Allez, à  demain peut-être.

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Agenda [en]

Silencieuse parce que vie sociale bien remplie. N’oubliez pas de venir à  la Lemanic Bloggers Night vendredi à  Vevey!

Je mène une vie de bâton de chaise, je brûle la chandelle par les deux bouts, ce que vous voulez, m’enfin ça explique le relativement peu de billets durant la dernière semaine. Je me lève lundi matin, et tout d’un coup on est dimanche soir — vous voyez?

Disons que tout ça est bien positif. Soirées cinéma, DVD, karaoké, visite des français (_F_ et Merriadoc) ce week-end, qui m’a permis de faire connaissance de Sori, reprise du judo, démarches pour trouver un poste d’enseignante à  la rentrée, et programme chargé au travail qui ne me laisse que peu de temps pour respirer. Ma vie va bien.

Tout ça pour rappeler aux weblogueurs et weblogueuses de la région lémanique que l’on se retrouve vendredi soir à  Vevey pour la troisième Lemanic Bloggers Night. Venez nombreux, même (et surtout!) si vous ne connaissez personne!

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