Bollywood au Flon [en]

Main Hoon Na, film hindi projeté lundi qui vient à 20h30 au Flon.

Un petit billet en vitesse avant de m’écrouler de sommeil: la semaine a été bien remplie (plus à ce sujet prochainement), mais je ne pourrai pas dormir avant de vous avoir annoncé la projection de Main Hoon Na lundi soir au Flon (à 20h30, hindi sous-titré anglais).

Si l’envie vous prend de passer une soirée un peu indienne (et de découvrir peut-être sur écran un de mes acteurs de films hindis favori), réservez votre soirée!

More Non-News [en]

Nothing special going on, all ok, not very keen on spending too much time in the Internet café.

Due mainly to how far the closest internet café is situated, and generally the rather bad connections from where I’m staying, I’m pretty reluctant to spend too much time in front of the screen. There are nicer things to do, too, like hanging around with people, reading (I’ve finished my 500-page book, started another), eating nice food, and watching hindi movies.

Not to mention that the keyboards here are hard and hurt my hands.

Checking e-mail isn’t much fun either, as the huge amount of spam and junk mail I get tends to drown out the real messages. At home I have a pretty efficient set of filters organised, but here, even with Thunderbird on a USB drive, it’s not half as good.

Yesterday I went to the new E-Square cinema complex on the university road. It’s just awesome! So new and clean that it could have been in Switzerland. The food and movie (Kal Ho Na Ho) were nice, too. Before going out for dinner, Nisha and the other women in the building had a small function, where each drops in at the other’s place to receive a small gift and things. I took photographs and filmed a bit, so you’ll get to see those next time I come online.