Portrait dans Le Matin Dimanche [fr]

[en] Our local Sunday paper published a portrait of me, with quite a few lines about eclau, the coworking space I started.

Si vous avez Le Matin Dimanche sous la main, rendez-vous en page 23 où vous trouverez un portrait de moi (qui parle pas mal de l’eclau!). Un grand merci à Geneviève Morand pour l’article!

Je n’ai pas réussi à le trouver en ligne, mais voici une petite photo rapide.

Portrait Le Matin Dimanche

(Tiens, ça me rappelle que j’ai des photos de grèbes huppés et de chalet à mettre en ligne… en attandant, régalez-vous des photos de Claude de notre sortie avec le Farrniente — vous y trouverez aussi quelques grèbes!)

Migros Magazine Photos on Flickr [en]

Four photographs of me, and one of my hands typing, taken by the photographer who came for Migros Magazine in December.

[fr] Cinq photos prises par la photographe qui a fait les images pour l'article dans Migros Magazine, sont maintenant sur Flickr. Photos mises en ligne avec son autorisation. Merci!

I’ve uploaded five photographs taken by the photographer for the interview I gave to Migros Magazine.

Photograph of Stephanie blogging.

The photographer, is a very nice person who kindly allowed me to put them online for you to see. I’d like to point out how extraordinarily patient she was during the whole three hours of the photo session — and she was using her sick collegue’s material, on top of that. I guess patience is a quality needed to do the job, but still, she really made the whole thing a pleasant experience, despite its length. Thanks!

Update 01.06.2005: photographer’s name removed at her request.

Happy New Year! [en]

A photograph of me on the doorstep of the New Year.

[fr] A nouvel-an, on s'amuse bien... Même si la bombe s'est avérée être une bombe de Halloween.

I’m having fun… and we have wifi.

(Oh, and I got a Halloween bomb instead of a New Year’s Eve one. No big deal.)

UK Trip Report [en]

Write-up of my 5-day trip to the UK. Movies with Aleika, Bombay Dreams in London, an IRC meetup.

The nice thing about having a laptop is that you can fire it up on the airplane and type in peace, without being distracted by IRC, instant messaging, e-mail and stats checking, or simple bloghopping. With iTunes in the background playing Bombay Dreams, my only concern is that the plane will start descending towards Geneva shortly.

My trip to the UK was short, and last-minute. I heard some people from #joiito were going to meet up in London on Sunday, I checked my easyjet flights, called Aleika–

“Ladies and Gentlemen, we will be landing shortly in Geneva. Please return to your seats, make sure your seatbelt is fastened and your seat is in the upright position, and switch off any electronic equipment.”

There goes the laptop, and I now find myself with a post which will be hard to date. Anyway. (Warning: this is a “cheese sandwich” post to some extent, so if you’re bored already, don’t bother reading it.)

Where was I? Yes, last-minute trip. I found a friend to house-and-cat-sit for me, which was nice, and spent the first couple of days at Aleika’s. We did our usual “girls at the movies” thing: get dressed up a bit, leave home late, grab some food which doesn’t come fast enough (well, it took long enough to arrive that I drank my pint of cider almost entirely before the meal, and can now testify that it’s all it takes to make my head spin quite a lot), jump into a cab and run to the theatre (slightly inebriated), only to find that the timings on the internet were incorrect, and we have another half-hour to wait before gleefully drooling all over Hugh Jackman in Van Helsing (OK, I got a bit carried away here, but you get the picture).

I got to spend nearly a whole day alone with Akirno, which was really nice. I didn’t get to see him much on my last visits. He’s grown so much! And he talks so much! (Yes, I know, that’s what I say each time I come back from Birmingham.) He’s a real sweetie. I love him very much.

Unfortunately, I caught a cold (over the top of my first one!) waiting for the bus after Van Helsing, so all my pre-London shopping was done in a rather feverish state. Looking at the bright side of things, it means I didn’t spend as much as I might have, which is a good thing, as my suitcase was already quite full enough (and my bank account empty enough, but that’s another story).

Driving to London went fine. We found a parking space right next to the Apollo Victoria Theatre. (Remember: Sunday matinée shows are a good idea if you’re going to London to see a musical or a play.) Bombay Dreams was really fun, specially as I know most of the songs Rahman re-used for the musical.

Still dressed up (I chose the pink dress), I headed for the #joiito meet-up. Despite this nagging feeling of being somewhat overdressed, and my cold, I had a very nice evening.

As always, though, I had to cope with the frustration of group meet-ups: not enough time to talk with everybody, not enough time to get into interesting conversations with those I talk to. Or maybe I’m just more of a one-to-one person? Anyway, standing invitation for any of you who would want to visit the beautiful town of Lausanne or practice French in the area — just drop me a line, or better (since e-mail is soon to be a dead form of communication, thanks to spam), catch me on IRC.

So, who was there? Well, as I’m nearing the ages of senility, I’m probably forgetting a lot of people, so please bear with me if you’re not mentioned, and let me know if it bothers you too much.

First of all, imajes, my kind host, who was so busy taking me through his iTunes collection on the train back that he missed his home stop. (Can it get worse than that?) Suw prevented me from being the only woman present (I can’t thank you enough for that). Joi was so utterly bored by my presence next to him that he left early to go back to his hotel and sleep — imagine that! (Actually, it seems jetlag also had something to do with it…)

I chatted quite a bit on the way there with imsickofmaps, and on the way back with snowchyld. Hugh managed to mess up my first blogcard somewhat (or whatever those things are called), so I am now the lucky owner of two of them. Gerard aka insert-coin took a nice bunch of photographs and has already put them online. I stole Suw’s camera to take a few photographs, but she’s not home yet, and those I took with my phone are stuck in there until I lay my hands on a Windows PC (thanks, Microsoft).

Apart from bumping my head on a couple of low doorways and leaving my coat there, I brought two things back (not literally) from james’ flat: VoodooPad, which I have not adopted as my official scrap-book application, and a book which made me discover a blog (how often has that happened to you?): Never Threaten to Eat Your Co-Workers: Best of Blogs, a collection of great weblog posts. I read a few pages, and it looked really neat. It’s on my wishlist now.

I think this post is long enough, for a short trip!

Blogueurs au Bout du Monde… [en]

La troisième Lemanic Bloggers Night, c’était bien!

…mais pas au bout de la vie!

La troisième Lemanic Bloggers Night a eu lieu hier soir, et c’était très sympa. 13 personnes présentes si ma mémoire est bonne, un record d’affluence! Les flashs ont crépité, la caméra vidéo a tourné, la bière et les discussions ont coulé à  flots. On se revoit dans trois mois (début juin?), si ce n’est avant.

Pas de wiki pour tenir compte des comptes-rendus, même si suite à  une question de celui de droite, j’ai perdu ma matinée à  changer le moteur dudit wiki, pour constater en fin de compte que cela ne réglait aucun problème.

Du coup, il va falloir que je fasse le ménage dans le système de trackbacks (ça laisse un peu à  désirer) — surtout qu’hier Jocelyn m’a posé des questions sur le sujet, ce qui m’a encore une fois confrontée à  l’état désastreux de mes connaissances sur le sujet!

Mirror Project: article en français! [en]

Un article en français parlant du Mirror Project, un site qui collection les autoportraits des internautes dans des surfaces réflechissantes.

Sébastien vient d’attirer mon attention sur ce très joli
article au sujet du Mirror Project,
paru dans dimanche.ch.


[15.04: voir aussi l’article initial de Martine]

India [en]

Oh, and if you enjoyed my logbook (well, even if you didn’t!), be sure to check out Eric Jain’s account of his travels there. He didn’t stay quite as long as I did, but he traveled much more – there are pictures and a map of his journey to keep you on track.

India Web [en]

This post started out small, but it is turning out to be a rather lengthy collection of India travel related links… : )

I did some research with Google and bumped into a number of sites containing travel logs (travelogues) of India.
I spent some time skimming through them. I read things I can relate to, others I disagree on. Some I know to be right, some I know to be wrong. But never mind. They all tell of a human experience similar to mine.
Almost all of them have pictures – but they load slowly, I must say.
Have a look for yourself!

India travelogues

Of course, it could go on for ever. Some meta-links:

This is not a “quality” listing. I haven’t explored each site in-depth. It is more of a starting point – but in any case, all the links presented here seemed to be promising in some way.

Awaiting your comments!