Quick LeWeb'10 News, and IceRocket [en]

[fr] LeWeb'10? C'est le dernier moment pour demander une accréditation blogueur officiel (lisez un peu la littérature avant de le faire, cependant, pour être au fait de nos attentes). Inscrivez-vous à la blogger boat party organisée par Frédéric et Damien, regardez le programme (en ligne aux yeux de tous), taguez vos articles "leweb10" et pinguez IceRocket. Pour les détails, lire la version anglaise de cet article!

So, what’s up with LeWeb’10?

You have until Friday to send in your application if you would like us to consider you for official blogger accreditation. A little recommended background reading before you apply, though: the kind of profile we look for in official bloggers, what bloggers do at conferences, live-blogging vs. live-tweeting (and why we prefer the former), the guidelines introducting the application form. (If you applied before yesterday, your application has already been processed and you have been sent an e-mail — in any case. Check your spam folder if you haven’t heard from us.)

Frédéric and Damien are (like last year!) organizing a cool Blogger Party (on a boat!) for official bloggers and others. Number of attendees is limited to keep the party cozy, so don’t delay signing up for it if you want to be able to come.

LeWeb’10 programme is out! The first thing I noticed when reading through the programme is that we’ll be hearing Bertrand Piccard, that I coincidentally blogged about the other day on the Ebookers.ch travel blog. I’ve heard him speak in French, and he’s a great speaker — look forward to hearing from him again. There are of course many other exciting speakers, but he’s the one that jumped out at me.

You might remember that last month, I was musing on tags and the demise of Technorati. Today, I caught myself thinking what a shame it was that there wasn’t one central place where all bloggers present at LeWeb’10 (official or otherwise) could see their posts aggregated during the conference. Well, actually, there is one: IceRocket. So, tag your posts with “leweb10” and ping IceRocket, and we’ll start building a nice collection of posts on the leweb10 tag page. Official blogger posts will be aggregated on the conference site itself in addition to that.

Now I just need to figure out why IceRocket isn’t indexing my blog.

LeWeb'09: Bloggers, Social Media Club House, Boat Party [en]

LeWeb'09-Paris dec 9th and 10th In less than a week, I’ll be jumping on the TGV to Paris to attend the conference LeWeb’09. Clearly, this is a long overdue post — the conference starts in a week. You probably saw my post about blogger accreditations way back when, and if I haven’t communicated about it since, it’s because I’ve been very very busy behind the scenes. Time to fill you in a bit.

The choice was tough, but we ended up with a selection of official bloggers who are invited specially to come and cover the conference live on their blogs. You can also follow them all on Twitter with the official bloggers list. During the conference, you will be able to find all their posts about LeWeb’09 on a single page, with a single feed (thanks to Superfeedr). Another way to access their publications is through the LeWeb’09 Pearltree — just click on the Official Bloggers branch.

Social Media Club House, LeWeb'09.Aside from my job as Official Bloggers “list mom”, I’m thrilled that I’ve been invited to be a resident of the Social Media Club House during my stay in Paris. The five other residents are Cathy Brooks, Chris Heuer, Dana Oshiro, Kristie Wells, and Robert Scoble, and PayPal is our main sponsor. We’ve got a wicked schedule planned, so stay tuned (tag: smch, #smch) and follow us on Twitter upto and during the conference.

Official Bloggers and Social Media Club House will collide during the evening before LeWeb’09, when we will head over to le Six/Huit for an “Official Bloggers and friends” pre-conference party, hosted by well-known Paris bloggers Frédéric de Villamil and Damien Douani.

Clearly, there is no shortage of choice when it comes to pre-LeWeb’09 events, but this party is to my knowledge the only one taking place on a boat (yes, on the Seine!) and right next to Notre-Dame cathedral. Plus, as we all have to fit on the boat, it’s limited to 150 people, so it’s a pretty exclusive event, with a high concentration of official bloggers, Social Media Club House residents, and a handful of top PayPal executives (you know, the kind of people you don’t really get to approach during the conference because they are permanently surrounded by a wall of folks who want to talk to them).


The party starts at 5.30 for the official bloggers and our special guests, and will open its doors to the general public at 7pm, until 9-10pm.

Please sign up quickly if you want to come to the boat party!

And if you’re looking to sponsor a cool event (or know somebody who would like to), we’re more than happy to let you offer a round of drinks. Just give Fred a call on +33 6 62 19 1337 to set things up.

See you next week in Paris!

Christmas [en]

[fr] Quelques réflexions au sujet de Noël -- des grandes fêtes de mon enfance avec tous les cousins jusqu'aux fêtes plus intimes des familles fragmentées d'aujourd'hui.

Pour une fois, je ne suis pas stressée par les cadeaux de Noël. Je m'y suis prise "à l'avance" (dès jeudi au lieu de tout le 24), et j'ai même pris plaisir à choisir du joli paper d'emballage.

Les publications frénétiques sur ce blog ne reprendront sans doute pas avant la fin des fêtes de Noël.

Joyeux Noël à tous. Prenez le temps d'être avec ceux qui vous sont chers.

As a kid, I used to like Christmas. It was a chance to get together with all my cousins, uncles and aunts, eat nice food, light the Christmas tree and distribute presents. I like to think we are a family which didn’t go overboard with presents. A CD, a book, a nice vase, a jumper, or a couple of beautiful candles — sometimes bigger presents from parents to children, obviously, but overall, I’m pretty proud of us, looking back.

As I grew older and the “next generation” of kids started arriving (and we became proper adults), the annual Christmas gathering broke up into smaller parts. I don’t see my cousins at Christmas any more. We all celebrate in our smaller, nuclear families.

Then there are break-ups, divorces, and more fragmentation.

My brother and I get two Christmas parties nowadays. One with my dad and “his” side of the family, and a similar one with my stepmum. Four-five people, smaller than the gatherings of my childhood, but cosy. Sometimes, these small family gatherings seem a better site for tensions between individuals to surface — but maybe this has more to do with me being an adult now than the size of the group. As a child, one isn’t always aware of all that is going on in the “grown-up world”.

So, overall, I like Christmas — even if over the last years there have been some parties which have not turned out as fun as we hoped.

The one thing I don’t like is shopping for Christmas presents.

I don’t like the commercial overload one is subjected to in the shops. I don’t like the fact that there are too many people. And I don’t like the fact that usually, I leave Christmas shopping until the last minute, and have to find/buy my presents in a rush on the 24th before going to the party in the evening.

This year, things are different.

I decided to start early. “Early”, for me, means that I went Christmas shopping two days ago, on Thursday. I bought a couple of presents. I went again yesterday. Bought another few presents. And today: a few more.

The result of all this is that I had a nice time walking around town, looking at things in shops (which is something I like doing!), bumping into friends (because particularly around Christmas, Lausanne is a little village), choosing presents, and even buying pretty wrapping paper and cards.

Even my sprained big toe last night at judo hasn’t managed to make me feel stressed about these pre-Christmas times.

There isn’t much blogging here these days as you’ve noticed, as I’m spending a fair amount of time away from the computer — but no fear: I still have a pile of posts to write “asap”, ideas, and energy to keep things going. Might just have to wait until after Christmas, though.

Merry Christmas everyone. Enjoy your time with those you hold dear. Remember it’s about love.

Taking Photos at Supernova [en]

[fr] Je suis toujours à la conférence Supernova, où je prends des photos plutôt que des notes (vu l'état).

I’m still at Supernova (gosh, third day!), feeling a lot more human now but still taking more photos than notes. I’m sitting in the second row now, so we’ll see. I might take notes. Do check out my photos, though — as for Reboot, I’ve organised them into sub-sets and one general, recapitulative set which contains all the photographs. Here are the sub-sets so far:

Supernova Open Space 7
Supernova 2007 Open Space

Supernova Twit Jaiku Party 1
Jaiku/Twit Party

Supernova Cupcake Party 52
Cupcake Party

Supernova Cupcake Party 29
Just the cupcakes…

Supernova First Day 1
Supernova, First Day (today!)

Update, Friday 21st

Please add tags as you look through them (particularly names of people, I really don’t know everyone!) and if you take photos of Supernova, consider opening up tagging to the whole Flickr community.

San Francisco Skyscraper Party 62
Reception in a skyscraper, with a view you shouldn’t miss!

San Francisco Skyscraper View 44

Le Web 3: Recap [en]

[fr] Résumé (sans les liens, cliquez dans le corps du billet):

Positif: atmosphère et gens sympas, bon réseautage, excellente nourriture, voir des anciens amis et en faire de nouveaux, Hans Rosling (et danah bien sûr), bon choix du lieu de conférence, en-cas dans le hall, et un compliment concernant ma brève prestation sur scène.

Négatif: mauvais wifi, fête trop bruyante, récupération politique (même si je pense que Loïc pèche plus par excès d'enthousiasme pas toujours bien placé, et par manque de "sensibilité clients", comme lors de l'épisode Ublog), niveau un peu "grand public" des présentations, pas de fête de clôture.

En somme, contente d'être venue malgré les déceptions, mais pas certaine que je remettrai ça la prochaine fois.

Right, in telegraphic style, here’s a wrap-up of how my LeWeb3 went.

Positive: overall nice atmosphere and people, good networking, excellent food, saw old friends again and made new ones, was blown away (like many others) by Hans Rosling’s presentation (both by the numbers he gave and the software. I liked the venue, thought the sizing was right (small enough to encourage people to communicate, without being cramped). Break food/drinks were nice (even if there was no bottled water). Somebody said something nice about my brief panel contribution. Impressed at Loïc organising something this big in so little time.

Negative: bad wifi, noisy party, political takeover (though I do believe that Loïc messes up more by excess enthusiasm and some lacking in customer care skills — like with Ublog — than because he’s a “bad guy”), not being in the target audience (topics were a bit too general for me), and not having a good-bye party or some chance to say good-bye to people (people left little by little and I hardly got to see anybody before they left).

Overall, I’m glad I came, but I’m not sure I’d come to this event again.

Sortez vos agendas! [fr]

[en] A few dates to write down in your diary. Of note: a two-day seminar on blogging for small and medium business owners (given by Anne Dominique and myself), the next Bloggy Friday, my birthday barbecue and the two next Café-Café concerts. By the way, if you're not afraid of singing in French, Café-Café is actively recruiting male singers!

Je profite d’avoir un ordinateur sous la main pour vous encourager à  sortir vos agendas pour noter les événements très divers suivants (comme je dis, faut planifier un peu sa vie sociale).

  • Vendredi 2 juin, Bloggy Friday à  l’Evêché, dès 19h30 (avec un peu de chance, ce sera sur la terrasse cette fois!). Plan toujours accessible chez Anne Dominique (annonce du BF de mai). Venez pour manger, ou juste pour boire un verre! Annoncez-vous dans les commentaires afin que je sache pour combien réserver.

  • Jeudis 29 juin et 6 juillet, le duo de choc Anne Do + Steph donne un séminaire sur les blogs destiné aux patrons de PME au Centre Patronal de Paudex (le cours est organisé par Romandie Formation. Voir aussi l’annonce du séminaire chez Anne Dominique.

  • Mercredi 14 juin à  18h00, séance d’information sous forme de conférence gratuite au sujet du séminaire mentionné ci-dessus. Idéal, donc, si vous voulez en savoir un poil plus avant de vous inscrire au séminaire, ou si vous n’avez aucune idée si le séminaire peut s’adresser à  vous, mais que la combinaison de mots “blog” + “entreprise” vous interpelle.

  • Vendredi 7 juillet aura lieu mon traditionnel barbecue d’anniversaire, dès 19h00 au bord du lac au Parc Bourget (Vidy), à  Lausanne. Chacun amène sa viande et des choses à  partager, c’est très informel, on peut amener des amis, bref, plus on est de fous, plus on rit. Merci de me dire si vous avez un grill (y’en a marre de faire la chasse aux grills fixes à  Vidy) et une tente ou quelque chose qui pourrait m’aider à  prévoir un plan-catastrophe en cas de pluie. Jusqu’ici on a eu de la chance, mais vaut mieux prévoir.

  • Je profite pour vous donner les dates des deux prochains concerts de Café-Café, si vous avez aimé ou raté Chéserex: le 24 juin à  Saint-Prex (je ne pourrai malheureusement pas y chanter) et le 22 juillet à  Burtigny. Comme on est dans les annonces, je profite également de vous dire que Café-Café recherche activement des chanteurs hommes: vous êtes un homme, vous êtes libre le mercredi soir, et vous aimez (qui sait?) l’idée de fréquenter un cercle à  majorité féminine? Venez chanter avec nous à  Lausanne!. Pas besoin d’être un grand chanteur ou d’avoir des talents de déchiffrage de partition, je vous rassure. Même moi j’y arrive…

Just News [en]

Everything fine, India is less adventurous, more photos and videos online.

India is clearly less adventurous than it was for me, and there is therefore less to tell. I guess I’m adapting to the place too well! I’m having a very nice quiet time here, between walking the Shinde dogs and going out to eat in various places.

I went to see The Last Samurai last night. My mid-day meal was the occasion of using up a roll of digital film (understand: a memory stick) shooting pictures of Madhav’s friends. The Crab&Beer photographs are now online for your viewing in the Dumps section. I’ve also made more videos you can go and see.

Obviously, I’m not getting a lot of access to the Internet. Nisha and Shinde do live pretty far off, so if I get to check my mail once every two or three days I consider myself lucky. Please don’t hesitate to use the marvels of modern technology (understand: SMS) if you need to get in touch — as I said, my phone number is in the comments to the entry before last.

Enjoy the photos and the videos!

Update: just a note (for Mark, particularly) concerning the camera. I left my fancy phone behind in Switzerland, and a collegue of mine lent me a pretty sexy Sony Handycam — that’s what I’m using for the photographs and videos. I’m doing many more videos on tape, but those will have to wait until my return to Switzerland to see the light of the web.