Taking Photos at Supernova [en]

[fr] Je suis toujours à la conférence Supernova, où je prends des photos plutôt que des notes (vu l'état).

I’m still at Supernova (gosh, third day!), feeling a lot more human now but still taking more photos than notes. I’m sitting in the second row now, so we’ll see. I might take notes. Do check out my photos, though — as for [Reboot](http://flickr.com/photos/bunny/collections/72157600420715249/ “See my Reboot photos.”), I’ve [organised them into sub-sets](http://flickr.com/photos/bunny/collections/72157600420716687/ “All the Supernova photos, organised in sub-sets.”) and [one general, recapitulative set](http://flickr.com/photos/bunny/sets/72157600415746010/) which contains all the photographs. Here are the sub-sets so far:

Supernova Open Space 7
Supernova 2007 Open Space

Supernova Twit Jaiku Party 1
Jaiku/Twit Party

Supernova Cupcake Party 52
Cupcake Party

Supernova Cupcake Party 29
Just the cupcakes…

Supernova First Day 1
Supernova, First Day (today!)

**Update, Friday 21st**

Please add tags as you look through them (particularly names of people, I really don’t know everyone!) and if you take photos of Supernova, [consider opening up tagging to the whole Flickr community](http://climbtothestars.org/archives/2007/06/20/flickr-open-up-tagging-your-photos-to-the-community-please/).

San Francisco Skyscraper Party 62
Reception in a skyscraper, with a view you shouldn’t miss!

San Francisco Skyscraper View 44

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