The hAtomisation of CTTS [en]

[fr] Un pas vers l'implémentation du microformat hAtom sur Climb to the Stars. J'ai commencé à adapter le thème WordPress Sandbox, qui est déjà tout plein de hAtom, pour que le résultat ressemble à ce que vous avez l'habitude de voir ici.

Par la même occasion, j'ai commencé à transformer ma sidebar en widgets -- c'est comme des petits blocs de construction qu'on peut ensuite assembler à sa guise, sans mettre les doigts dans le code.

Well, I’ve made good progress. Starting with the [Sandbox theme](, I imported and converted most of the CSS from my pink theme into a Sandbox skin. It’s not quite there yet.

I edited the function (provided with the theme) which generates navigation links so that it would show the few links I wanted instead of my huge list of pages. Then, there are a few things which are not in the right order in the Sandbox template for me to make them appear where I want. For example, I had to swap entry-title and entry-date so that the date of the post would float at the top right as it does here. Then, I had to add my own personal stuff: the lang attribute on the hentry div. The “other-excerpt” block, the technorati cosmos link, the tags, the trackback url at the bottom of the post. Phew.

I also installed the [widgets plugin]( and started converting my sidebar to [widgets]( Great fun! But still not quite there yet either. The first difficulty was understanding that widgets are plugins and need to be activated before they appear in the widgets pool.

If you embark on a similar adventure, get the [Exec PHP widget]( first. You can literally paste your current sidebar into it. You’re allowed nine instances of it, once you find that you can select that number lower down on the widgets page. [Drop-down archive widget]( is nice. Sadly, [Show coComments]( doesn’t seem to like apostrophes as a title, and there’s obviously something else wrong too — it worked briefly for me, but then stopped working. Didn’t manage to figure out why despite over half an hour of troubleshooting. Oh, and while I was at it, I uncovered a [small glitch in the coComment Enhancer plugin]( — if your blog URL and wordpress install URLs are different, you might want to patch up your version (it’s really easy).

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Haloscan Support [en]

Update 11pm: it seems I’ve been a bit over-enthusiastic posting this, and things aren’t yet working as smoothly as they should. I’ll let you know when everything is OK. My excuses!

We have great news for Sally and all of you who comment on HaloScan-powered blogs, or own one: coComment is now HaloScan-compatible!

Even if we don’t capture everything directly, the coCo-crawler comes along after a while and catches everything. Pretty neat, huh?

So, go on and comment happily on all those HaloScan blogs. Let us know if you run into problems, but don’t forget to give the coCo-crawler enough time to come along before thinking we’ve forgotten you!

Many thanks to Jeevan for his help and assistance in getting this to work.

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ZoneAlarm with coComment: Here's the Fix [en]

A bit over a week ago, Lee Hopkins, an early coComment adopter, reported that coComment had stopped tracking his conversations.

The very next day, Christophe was at it to try and find what was going on. He quickly noticed that Lee wasn’t in fact logged into the coComment server (although Lee had been logging in as asked). Finally the problem was narrowed down to a cookie setting in ZoneAlarm, a popular Windows firewall that Lee was using. (The details of the one-on-one troubleshooting that went on behind the scenes have not been disclosed, so that part of the story will be left to your imagination.)

So, if coComment seems to have stopped tracking your comments, and you are using ZoneAlarm, click the Site List tab in ZoneAlarm and check the “3rd party” cookie control for

ZoneAlarm Cookie Settings

That should do it! Let us know if this was useful for you.

Disclaimer: I don’t have ZoneAlarm, so if you have trouble finding the screen depicted here, ask in the comments and we’ll get more precise explanations for you. Thanks to Lee for the screenshot.

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Version française du semblant de podcast précédent [fr]

[en] A French version of this post: This Is Supposed To Be a Podcast.

Bon, allez, je suis bilingue, il faut que j’assume (hein [Thierry](! Je viens de mettre en ligne un [billet audio en anglais](, et voici donc [une version française qui recouvre à peu près ce dont je parle]( C’est plus facile de faire deux versions par oral que par écrit.


Pour les liens relatifs à ce que je mentionne dans ce bla-bla, visitez [la version anglaise de ce billet]( En bonus pour la version française:

– [Flock]( et [Firefox](
– [Jval Festival](

Si vous avez un truc pour qu’il y ait moins de bruit dans le micro, volontiers. J’ai essayé de l’éloigner de ma bouche mais le résultat n’était pas terrible.

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This Is Supposed To Be a Podcast [en]

[fr] Un embryon de podcast, en anglais. Quelques banalités comme la difficulté de parler à "personne", malgré mon experience de dictée avec Dragon, un peu de pub pour coComment et mes vidéos d'Inde, et ma première publication audio en novembre 2002. Il y a une version française maintenant.

Well, here we are. Sorry for the air in the microphone, I’ll get better at this.


[Download the audio file]( or use the widget above.

Errata: I mentioned coComment in #wordpress, not #joiito; I finally used a 48kbs mp3 format instead of 128kbs.

Links I mentioned:

– [Audacity](
– [Apple]( and [Dear Apple](
– [Indian videos]( (not the mini-DV ones, the low-quality ones)
– [Dragon NaturallySpeaking]( and [my RSI adventures](
– [Audio category](
– [My first audio post](
– [coComment]( and [coComment extension](

Thanks to [leftjustified](, I will soon be [optimising the mp3 file]( you’re listening to. I’ll blog the instructions separately.

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Le coComment nouveau est arrivé [fr]

[en] With the new coComment extension activated, browse to this article by 24heures. Click on the coComment logo once. Don't spill your coffee.

Je parlerai plus longuement de la nouvelle version de [coComment]( qui vient d’être déployée (après l’annonce officielle, par exemple), mais je tenais à vous montrer ceci avant de filer à [Paléo](

1. Avec un navigateur FireFox ([ou Flock!]( “Et avec la nouvelle extension, plus même besoin de convertir, ça marche d’office!”) muni de [la magnifique extension coComment]( “Réinstallez la nouvelle version pour plus de sécurité — mais je ne suis pas certaine que ce soit nécessaire.”), rendez-vous sur [la page de l’article 24heures sur les blogs]( “Profitez, ça reste en ligne 2 jours max.”). *Edit: [version archivée ici on dirait](
2. Remarquez que le logo coComment en bas à droite devient orange. (Au lieu de bleu.)
3. Cliquez sur le dit logo, une fois, avec le bouton de gauche.
4. Lisez et extasiez-vous!

(Je n’en dit pas plus, il faut essayer. Oui, ça marche partout. Dingue.)

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Firefox Extension Can Work With Flock [en]

Good news for all you Flock users out there (for those who don’t know Flock, you should try it now, it’s great): the magic Firefox extension which lets you forget coComment exists as it silently records all your comments can be made to work with Flock.

The bad news is that it took me until now to realize that (I’m an avid Flock user and have been frustrated by the extension incompatibility for weeks, if not months).

The good news is that it’s dead easy: install the Flock coComment extension now!

A small word of caution, though, or two:

  1. I’ve been using this extension for a few days and it seems to work, but it hasn’t been extensively tested by the coCo-team. If you’re geeky enough to understand how converting an extension really works, be kind to leave a comment and let us know if there seems to be any risk of breakage.
  2. The Flock extension I’ve linked to is one particular version of the extension. Within the next weeks (or so I heard!) there will be a new release of the extension, and the link above will still point to the old extension (still with me?) I’ve also been told the Flock conversion may not be necessary anymore… let’s keep our fingers crossed and our eyes open.

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Flock, extensions, and coComment [en]

[fr] Une adresse de site pour convertir des extensions Firefox pour utilisation avec Flock, qui est un excellent navigateur. J'étais déçue de ne pas pouvoir utiliser l'extension Firefox pour coComment avec Flock -- maintenant je peux!

My ex-collegue and now friend [Gabriel]( introduced me to the [Flock browser]( quite some time back. I [mentioned it quite a bit]( on my [other blog]( but I don’t think I talked about here much.

Anyway, it’s great. It’s [Firefox](, but with all sorts of nice bloggy, flickr-y, stuff tied in. I’d like to get [coComment]( integrated in there too.
(Disclaimer: I work for coCo.)

One thing that makes coComment really nice to use is the [Firefox extension]( Once you’ve installed it, you don’t need to do anything, and it automatically records all the comments you make (as long as the blog platform is more or less [compatible]( “Not sure if the page is 100% up-to-date.”) to show them on your user page. [Here’s mine.](

The thing that bothered me when I started using Flock again sometime back was that I had to revert to using the [bookmarklet]( (which, let’s be honest, is a real pain — who remembers to click on a bookmarklet before posting each comment? not I!) Today, as I was starting on my tour of the blogosphere to see [what people are saying about coComment]( I came upon [another Flock user who regretted the extension wasn’t compatible](

So, I headed to our internal bug-tracker to find out what the status of my request for a Flock extension was, and saw that Nicolas (coComment’s Daddy!) was asking for more information on converting extensions. I googled a little and here’s what I came up with:

– [official instructions on converting Mozilla/Firefox extensions to Flock](
– [an automatic converter — just stick your .xpi url in there](
– [a converted coComment extension!]( (somebody had already been there June 10)

Well, I installed the extension in Flock, restarted my browser, and after a painful start (wouldn’t be able to tell you if it was because of the extension or just good ol’ Windows acting up) it was up and running. I now have Flock running the coComment Firefox extension!

Let me know how it goes for you if you try it, particularly on other platforms. And if you haven’t tried Flock yet, [you should]( It’s really neat!

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Your Conversations Page: How Do You Use It? [en]

How do you use the "Conversations" page? When do you visit it? Do you visit it at all? I find myself going there pretty infrequently, and the links I click on most are the little grey boxes on the right which take me to the blog article I’ve commented upon. What about you?

Do you use the other links? How often? What links would you like to have on that page?

What about the RSS feed? Are you happy with the links it provides?


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CoComment and Drive-By Commenters [en]

These few days off from school (we have an extended week-end here in Switzerland) are helping me get back on the coCo-track, and I’m picking up some interesting posts and ideas as I make it through the long collection of recent blog articles mentioning coComment.

Cas of Bright Meadow finds herself using coComment to help her identify spam. User SootleDir notes that if you help search engines find your coComment user page, the links on it will get indexed. (Is that good or bad in the long run, I find myself thinking?)

Over at To Encourage and Equip, Tally reflects on how people comment, and tells us coComment helps him not be a drive-by commenter. A drive-by commenter is somebody who leaves a comment on your blog and never comes back.

I like this concept of the drive-by commenter. Personally, I often comment when I read an interesting post on a new blog I just landed on, if only to indicate to the author that I read it, appreciated it, or that it sparked some reflexion in me.

And indeed, the problem is that in pre-coComment days, I usually forgot where I left the comment, and as Tally says, rarely read the answer to my comment unless the author e-mailed me or people visited my site from his/her blog (then it’d show up in my referrer logs, and I’d think of visiting it again).

With coComment, I find my behaviour changing, and I wonder if we’re not going to discover some other type of "drive-by coCommenter" — the bookmarking one: I comment much more easily because of coComment (I know my words won’t get lost, and I know I can follow the conversation). I now find myself commenting much more systematically on new blogs I discover, because I know that it will automatically add them to my coComment user page.

What about you? How do you comment? How has coComment changed your commenting habits? Do you also find yourself using the Your Conversations page as your blogroll? 

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