Flock Sync Issue Solved! [en]

[fr] Problème de synchro de bookmarks avec Flock réglé!

Yay! The really exasperating behavior Flock was putting up by refusing to sync my favorites unless I restarted the browser has now come to an end.

It seems that a file named flock_fq_default_in.rdf (in Library, Flock stuff, profile, you’ll find it if you need to) was corrupted. So I shut down Flock a couple of times, made sure my bookmarks were in sync, and deleted the file.

Now everything seems to be running smoothly! Thanks to Mike for being my liaison in the resolution of this problem — and for the information to drop into the offices when I’m in San Francisco. I might very well do so!

Google Calendar Down in Flock? [en]

[fr] Google calendar ne semble plus marcher pour moi depuis un jour ou deux. Flock/Firefox. Et vous?

I haven’t been able to view my Google calendar in Flock (or Firefox, for that matter) for the last day or two. Anybody got the same problem? Known issue? I just get a blank page.

Try Tails! [en]

[fr] Une extension Flock/Firefox qui permet de visualiser les informations présentes dans une page sous forme de microformats.

The Firefox extension Tails shows you what microformats are embedded in the page you’re viewing. Try it out here while K2 is still on! Thanks to Yoan for pointing it out to me.

Tail on CTTS

Tentative de JotSpot [en]

[fr] Briefly tried JotSpot. Pity the trial version is limited in time, and that you then have to shell out between $10 and $200 per month to keep on using it. It's not encouraging me to try it out, because I don't really intend to start paying for it in two weeks.

Gabriel m’avait déjà fait découvrir Flock, un navigateur web basé sur Firefox mais avec plein d’additions sympa pour blogueurs. La dernière fois qu’on s’est vus, il m’a dit d’essayer JotSpot.

J’ai ouvert un compte juste maintenant, et trois minutes après, ça a l’air assez sympa. Ombre au tableau cependant: ma version d’évaluation gratuite va durer encore 13 jours, après quoi il faudra que je sorte entre $10 et $200 par mois. Je sais pas vous, mais moi ça me coupe un peu ma motivation de jouer avec.

Chez Flickr, par contre (un service photo que je vous encourage vraiment d’aller essayer tout de suite), le compte gratuit n’est pas limité dans le temps: ils ne limitent que le nombre de nouvelles photos que vous pouvez mettre en ligne chaque mois. De quoi ouvrir un compte et y passer 5 minutes maintenant, avant de l’oublier pendant six mois et de se mettre soudain à l’utiliser parce qu’on a acheté un appareil photo numérique.

Flock, extensions, and coComment [en]

[fr] Une adresse de site pour convertir des extensions Firefox pour utilisation avec Flock, qui est un excellent navigateur. J'étais déçue de ne pas pouvoir utiliser l'extension Firefox pour coComment avec Flock -- maintenant je peux!

My ex-collegue and now friend Gabriel introduced me to the Flock browser quite some time back. I mentioned it quite a bit on my other blog but I don’t think I talked about here much.

Anyway, it’s great. It’s Firefox, but with all sorts of nice bloggy, flickr-y, del.icio.us-y stuff tied in. I’d like to get coComment integrated in there too.
(Disclaimer: I work for coCo.)

One thing that makes coComment really nice to use is the Firefox extension. Once you’ve installed it, you don’t need to do anything, and it automatically records all the comments you make (as long as the blog platform is more or less compatible to show them on your user page. Here’s mine.

The thing that bothered me when I started using Flock again sometime back was that I had to revert to using the bookmarklet (which, let’s be honest, is a real pain — who remembers to click on a bookmarklet before posting each comment? not I!) Today, as I was starting on my tour of the blogosphere to see what people are saying about coComment I came upon another Flock user who regretted the extension wasn’t compatible.

So, I headed to our internal bug-tracker to find out what the status of my request for a Flock extension was, and saw that Nicolas (coComment’s Daddy!) was asking for more information on converting extensions. I googled a little and here’s what I came up with:

Well, I installed the extension in Flock, restarted my browser, and after a painful start (wouldn’t be able to tell you if it was because of the extension or just good ol’ Windows acting up) it was up and running. I now have Flock running the coComment Firefox extension!

Let me know how it goes for you if you try it, particularly on other platforms. And if you haven’t tried Flock yet, you should. It’s really neat!