ZoneAlarm with coComment: Here's the Fix [en]

A bit over a week ago, Lee Hopkins, an early coComment adopter, reported that coComment had stopped tracking his conversations.

The very next day, Christophe was at it to try and find what was going on. He quickly noticed that Lee wasn’t in fact logged into the coComment server (although Lee had been logging in as asked). Finally the problem was narrowed down to a cookie setting in ZoneAlarm, a popular Windows firewall that Lee was using. (The details of the one-on-one troubleshooting that went on behind the scenes have not been disclosed, so that part of the story will be left to your imagination.)

So, if coComment seems to have stopped tracking your comments, and you are using ZoneAlarm, click the Site List tab in ZoneAlarm and check the “3rd party” cookie control for

ZoneAlarm Cookie Settings

That should do it! Let us know if this was useful for you.

Disclaimer: I don’t have ZoneAlarm, so if you have trouble finding the screen depicted here, ask in the comments and we’ll get more precise explanations for you. Thanks to Lee for the screenshot.

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Initially posted on the coComment blog.

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