Firefox Extension Can Work With Flock [en]

Good news for all you Flock users out there (for those who don’t know Flock, you should try it now, it’s great): the magic Firefox extension which lets you forget coComment exists as it silently records all your comments can be made to work with Flock.

The bad news is that it took me until now to realize that (I’m an avid Flock user and have been frustrated by the extension incompatibility for weeks, if not months).

The good news is that it’s dead easy: install the Flock coComment extension now!

A small word of caution, though, or two:

  1. I’ve been using this extension for a few days and it seems to work, but it hasn’t been extensively tested by the coCo-team. If you’re geeky enough to understand how converting an extension really works, be kind to leave a comment and let us know if there seems to be any risk of breakage.
  2. The Flock extension I’ve linked to is one particular version of the extension. Within the next weeks (or so I heard!) there will be a new release of the extension, and the link above will still point to the old extension (still with me?) I’ve also been told the Flock conversion may not be necessary anymore… let’s keep our fingers crossed and our eyes open.

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Initially posted on the coComment blog.

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