Migros Magazine Photos on Flickr [en]

Four photographs of me, and one of my hands typing, taken by the photographer who came for Migros Magazine in December.

[fr] Cinq photos prises par la photographe qui a fait les images pour l'article dans Migros Magazine, sont maintenant sur Flickr. Photos mises en ligne avec son autorisation. Merci!

I’ve uploaded five photographs taken by the photographer for the interview I gave to Migros Magazine.

Photograph of Stephanie blogging.

The photographer, is a very nice person who kindly allowed me to put them online for you to see. I’d like to point out how extraordinarily patient she was during the whole three hours of the photo session — and she was using her sick collegue’s material, on top of that. I guess patience is a quality needed to do the job, but still, she really made the whole thing a pleasant experience, despite its length. Thanks!

Update 01.06.2005: photographer’s name removed at her request.