6 thoughts on “My Categories are a Mess [en]

  1. I know what you mean, I’m in the same position. Well, not I, but my blog. Or maybe, really, it is I that is confused. I mean, who’s to say what I should talk about? Look at my del.icio.us tags, there are hundreds of them. Bundles help a little, as does my weekly clean up.

    I’m not sure how to fix that on my end, but have a hard time believing a technological solution can help. But good luck to you 🙂

  2. I could have written this entry myself, so much I agree with it, and I find myself in a similar situation.
    Plus for some strange reason when I go to the edit page only some categories appear, which means that if I only open to edit an entry, and close it back I generally loose some half of the categories that I used. Hmm. But I really love categories as tags, so I am very interested in your project. Plus I was curious to know if you had the same problem with your wordpress: not all categories appearing in the edit page (but all appearing in the manage category page),

    Many thanks,

  3. So, there’s no hope of batch categories working on WP 2.0?


    Guess I can stop putting off the drudgery of filing many, many posts the hard way, since a tech solution doesn’t exist right now. 🙁

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