Technorati Tagified [en]

Technorati collects links, photos and posts with tags/categories and displays them all on a nice page. Start tagging!

[fr] Technorati s'intéresse aux "tags". Les "tags", ce sont des étiquettes que l'on colle aux photos chez Flickr ou aux liens chez

Technorati collecte le tout sur une jolie page, avec les billets de weblogs, bien entendu -- classés soit par leurs catégories, soit par des tags ajoutés manuellement. C'est facile! Voyez la page pour le tag technorati, par exemple.

Qu'est-ce que vous attendez? Lâchez vos tags!

Lo and behold, Technorati goes tags!

Technorati collects weblog posts, Flickr images, and links and organises them by tag on a pretty page.

Tags on weblog posts? Easy. If you have categories, and your RSS/Atom feed is formatted correctly, Technorati will treat your categories as tags. In addition to that (or instead of that), you can also add tags manually to any blog post. Learn how to do it, and get tagging!

Some tag pages I’ve looked at: India, Switzerland, tools, StephanieBooth

I wonder. What are the implications for TopicExchange? Will Technorati tags make ITE obsolete?

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  1. Seems it did… :/ I wrote that the ITE will be truly irrelevant if Technorati becomes real-time, doesn’t miss anything, and has despamming and a wiki page for each tag.

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