Angst: My Categories are Still a Mess [en]

[fr] Mes catégories, c'est toujours le chenit. J'ai les outils qu'il faut maintenant pour faire le ménage, mais il me manque l'essentiel: quelles catégories un monstre comme CTTS devrait-il avoir?

My categories are a long-standing source of worry.

They were created in an unenlightened effort to “go ontological”, when I [switched to Movable Type]( By the time I [switched to WordPress]( over four years ago, I was already thinking about [cleaning up my categories]( (lo and behold, the birth of Batch Categories — I didn’t waste any time, did I?)

My categories are still [a mess]( WordPress has had [native tagging]( for a while now (I’ve happily retired the [Bunny’s Technorati Tags plugin](, [Rob]( has taken over [Batch Categories](, so it now works rather than just sit there in lists, and [Christine from the Internet]( has written a nice [Tag Managing Thing]( (which seems a bit broken in 2.5.x but might still work).

So, I could use the [category to tag converter]( and get rid of all my categories. I would feel much lighter. Then I can use a combination of Tag Managing Thing and Batch Categories (which allows search by tag, and, actually, I see it now, allows not only addition of categories to selected posts, but tags, so maybe I don’t need Tag Managing Thing for this, and this sentence is a bit long so it’s going to end here, sorry) to re-create nice categories for my blog.

But as always, here is where I stall. What categories should a monster like CTTS have?

Want to listen rather than read? It’s here:

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