Simple Technorati Tags Plugin for WordPress [en]

A simple plugin for WordPress which lets you display tags (or keywords) in your posts. Tags are stored in a Custom Field (no database modification required).

[fr] Un plugin simple pour WordPress qui vous permet de garnir vos billets de 'tags' (étiquettes) qui seront compris et interprétés par Technorati. Ce plugin ne modifie pas la base de données, et permet l'affichage de tags stockés dans un Custom Field nommé "tags", sous forme de liste de mots séparés par des espaces. Il est aussi possible d'afficher ainsi des mots-clés se trouvant dans un Custom Field nommé "keywords".

Update 31.01.07: The wiki isn’t allowing edits anymore. The plugin has been updated to version 0.6, compatible with WordPress 2.1, by Sudar. Get Bunny Tags.

Update 21.01.05: Please see Bunny’s Technorati Tags on the wiki for information about this plugin!

As isn’t letting me in yet, here is a little post to announce my first real live plugin for WordPress (one can’t exactly say that Batch Categories is a proper plugin).

Bunny’s Technorati Tags (zip, phps) provides you with a template function that you can use to easily display Technorati tags for your posts. The tags are stored in a Custom Field, so this plugin does not require any modifications of the database structure. The plugin has not been thoroughly tested on different versions, though it works fine on my recent 1.5 nightly. As it is really very basic, I don’t believe you’ll run into any major compatibility issues on other versions (do keep me informed, though).

Once you’ve installed and activated the plugin (manually or with the Plugin Manager, enter a space-separated list of tags in a Custom Field named “tags”, and place the following code in your template where you want the list of tags to appear:

<php the_bunny_tags(); ?>

If you’re like me and you’ve been painfully entering comma-separated keywords for your posts using a Custom Field of same name, you can use the following line to use these existing keywords as tags:

<php the_bunny_keyword_tags(); ?>

Update 21.01.05: by setting $bunny_strict to false (see SETTINGS at the top of the plugin code) you will display keywords as tags for posts which do not have tags.

This might not be the greatest idea, as I believe tagging and choosing keywords is a different process, but it makes me happy for the moment, so I thought I’d share this possibility with you too.

Future development of the plugin includes adding a text input to the “Create New Post” form for easy tagging. (Coming as soon as I can figure out how to do it.)Done!

Plugin available on and

Update 21:40 Who’dathunkit? Version 0.2 is out already, with a nice little “Tags” field in the post editing form. the_bunny_keyword_tags() has been revised to display keywords only when no tags are present. All the tagging pleasure is yours to take!

Update 21.01.05 Version 0.3 is out. Upgrade strongly recommended, or your tags won’t be indexed correctly by Technorati.

73 thoughts on “Simple Technorati Tags Plugin for WordPress [en]

  1. Really cool Plugin bunny.
    Thx for it.

    neuro, first official bynny’s plugin user.

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  3. I’ve finished the _small_ modifications based on the latest version of the plug-in. Where would you like me to send them to?

  4. I should add that it does not appear as if my tags are being indexed properly still. :'( Something tells me that Technorati does not like WordPress.

  5. “Something tells me that Technorati does not like WordPress.”

    That’s only in your dreams! ask Kevin Marks.

    As for the modifications… e-mail them to me with a note explaining what they do 🙂

  6. I just checked, and Technorati says your last update was three days ago, so it hasn’t spidered your last post yet.

    Are you sure you’re pinging them? I pinged them on your behalf, just in case.

  7. Definitely pinging them. I am pinging pingomatic but also explicity ping technorati just in case.

  8. Doesn’t seem to work with WP 1.2.1. Always get the following error:

    Fatal error: Call to undefined function: load_plugin_textdomain() in /var/www/html/wp-content/plugins/bunny-tags.php on line 161

  9. Removing localization code fixes the problem, seems like it’s just not supported by WP 1.2.x.

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  11. argh!!!
    Technorati doesn’t catch my tags AT ALL
    could you have a look and tell me if I did something wrong?

  12. The tags don’t seem to appear in your RSS feed. What version of the plugin are you using? What version of WordPress?

  13. Oh! I know what the problem is. You’re using excerpts in your feed. Switch to “full posts” for feeds and your tags will get indexed. I’ll try to provide a fix for that in the next version.

  14. I’m having the same trouble as Alex, above; I’m getting “Fatal error: Call to undefined function: load_plugin_textdomain() in /var/www/html/wp-content/plugins/bunny-tags.php on line 161” as soon as I activate the plugin. I’m using WP 1.2.2.

    I have zero idea how to “remove localization code” as suggested by Alex above. Do you suppose you could generate a quick ‘how to install on WP 1.2.x’ page? 🙂

  15. Delete the file and download it again. I made a small modif (commented out the line which was creating a problem). It should work now, although you will have to enter the “tags” manually using the “custom field” interface on the posting page.

  16. Nice plugin, I’ll give it a try. Is it a “keyword” plugin that you are referring to ?

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  18. Three quick comments;
    1) Thanks for a great plug-in, installed easily, was well documented. Thanks!
    2) The ‘feedback’ welcome link on the wiki takes you to an ‘open a ticket’ page that doesn’t list this plugin as one of the options (unless of course my eye sight is shot, but I looked twice)
    3) My actually question: Have you worked out a way to make the Tags you add searchable within WP?



  19. Quick question: “with a nice little “Tags” field in the post editing form.” Err.. how do i get that to appear??

    Running WP 1.5
    BunnyTags 0.43

  20. It’s supposed to appear all by itself! Look at the “Write” page beneath the “Publish” button. Don’t you see it? (Have you activated the plugin?)

  21. Nope not a thing. I installed through the Plugin Manager “One-click install” – doesn’t show in my Plugins list via the WP Admin pages. Will try a manual install.

  22. Panic over! I think my Plugin Manager install was borked. Manually installed it and BunnyTags and LOOKIE a new text box on the WRITE page.

    My bad!

  23. bunny:
    i have installed the tag.

    how do i make it work?
    “Once you’ve installed and activated the plugin
    (manually or with the Plugin Manager, enter a
    space-separated list of tags in a Custom Field
    named “tags”, and place the following code in
    your template where you want the list of tags to appear:

    i have installed and activated the plugin.
    i have entered a space-separated list of tags in a custom field named “tags”.
    where is the template?
    and and where do i want the list of tags to appear?

    with respect from marion

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  25. Thanks so much for this plugin… I can’t beleive I hadn’t found it before. When I used blogger, I used javascript to generate the html code for me. I actually found your plugin because I was thinking of porting my old script to php, but decided to check out if someone had already done it. You saved me the trouble of learning PHP =D
    Great plugin, and thanks a lot.

  26. I love your plugin and it’s working great; I was wondering though, how would you tag something with a space in it such as: tag: shoe polish . If I put this in my Tag field at the moment it adds two tags, shoe and polish right?

  27. Great plugin,

    Have you gotten around to fixing the Syndication / Full Text problem? I don’t want my rss feed to be full text, only excerpts (90% + of feeds I encounter are excerpts only).

  28. hey i want your plugin to say no tags, instead of just being blank, is this possible? if so please respond 🙂

  29. i added a function to the heat map plugin to display my bunny tags as a heat map (like on flickr). feel free to get the plugin here.

  30. is there some way you can make them display conditionally? If i don’t have tage I would like them to not display. : thanks 😀

  31. Oh brother 🙁 I have seen nothing but absolute failures over and over again with these Tag plugIns. I tried the techtoratittagging or whatever lame name they gave it and that one at least shows up on my sidebar but the links DO NOT correspond correctly. This bunny tag REFUSES! to even appear for me, i have entered separated spaces for tag words and all that, but it just does not respond. I wish so much we could find some coders who really know WHAT they are doing and how to do it. This is a seemingly endless loop of malfunctions and problems that are not worth all the time trying to find solutions that dont apply to every machine and configuration.
    I give buuny tags a “pending”…… Have to see it first to make a proper assessment
    I give the other guy a 5 for effort……..
    I give myself another dose of Excedrin for what these things put me thru

  32. Plugin Updates for WordPress 2.0…

    It took me a couple of hours, but both Basic Bilingual and Bunny’s Technorati Tags are now WordPress 2.0-compatible.

    A few minor tweaks have been made, most significant of which is that these two plugins can now be used for Pages in addition to …

  33. nice plug-in, hopefully a niche that’ll be filled in by some WP update…. . one problem though – have noticed that bunny tags will not allow me to enter tags on old entries

    it spits –
    this error?

    Warning: preg_replace(): No ending delimiter ‘/’ found in /home/.amida/jeanpoole/ on line 106

    wp 2.01. mac firefox

  34. There’s a typo in the code snippet on this page: it should read:

    It took me forever to find out why my tags weren’t appearing.

  35. If I don’t want to dislay my tags, don’t I just take out the ?php the_bunny_tags(); ? call that I currently have working for under my posts? It will still post to Techno, right? Just wanna make sure first, TIA.

  36. Incorrect. Nothing gets “posted” to technorati. Technorati crawls your blog and records any visible tags. If you want technorati to take your tags into account, you must display them in your post.

  37. Your right, my mistake… but I could’ve sworn there was an option to hide the display of tags, must’ve been another plugin that I used to use. I still like this one better because I can use the “invisible” + sign to join words vs a visible underscore but I wish that option was available here too. Thx for clearing that up for me, sure glad I didn’t edit my code lol.

  38. Hello,

    I would like to make a phrase a keyword like if i enter “quick recipes” it changes to quick and another keyword as recipe.

    I want the tag to display together as “quick recipes”

    I hope you understand!

  39. Just stick the two words together. I think somebody wrote a hack for two-word tags with spaces, you’d have to check the various pingbacks to this article and the wiki page. Sorry I can’t help you more.

  40. Re: The two-word tag issue.

    Joining words together using the + sign seems to work just fine (as commenter #59 seems to have hinted at). For instance, I added a tag for “World+Cup”, and it displays below my post as “World Cup”, and links to the appropriate Technorati page just fine.

    Hope that helps somebody out there.

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  42. Hi Steph, hey, I was just over in your part of the world. i visited Prague and a little place in Germany while I was visiting my sister in Austria. Very nice piece of real estate over there in Europe.

    anyway, hey, thanks for the plugin. I installed it just fine and was wanting the info on mutiple word tags, but I found it above.

    i’m going to add the + sign between the words and see what happens. From the comment above, it’ll seem to work.

  43. Stephanie thanks for the great plugin. Can you give me a hint on how I can get a custom icon to appear next to the word Tags: in each of my post when techno tags are being used? Just like in your posts. I have a nice custom graphic from techonrati I would love to use, I just have no idea how to implement it.

    Thanks in advance!!!

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