Get Listed in Technorati Blog Search [en]

[fr] Technorati est le meilleur moteur de recherche spécialisé dans les blogs. Pour être listé dedans, il est important que votre outil de weblog envoie un ping à  Technorati chaque fois que vous publiez un billet. Ainsi, vos tags seront pris en compte.

Technorati comporte également un répertoire de blogs sur lequel je compte m'appuyer pour la nouvelle version de SwissBlogs. Pour y être listé, il suffit de créer un compte chez Technorati et de déclarer votre blog. N'oubliez pas de lui ajouter des tags! Helvetia, en particulier, si c'est un blog suisse.

Il est aussi facile de faire ajouter son blog dans le répertoire sans faire de compte chez Technorati. Il suffit d'ajouter le code suivant (à  adapter selon vos besoins) pour chaque tag que vous désirez attribuer à  votre blog, dans un billet ou quelque part sur la page principale de votre blog: <a href="" rel="tag directory">Je suis un blog suisse!</a>

You know Technorati is just about the best blog search engine out there. If you want the right people to be able to find you, you should be in Technorati.

First, you want to ping Technorati. Normally, your blogging software does this for you. If it doesn’t, you need to (a) bug your blogging software provider to implement pinging Technorati and (b) in the meantime, ping manually each time you post. Not sure if you’re pinging or not? Do a search for your URL. If Technorati shows your blog title, you have pinged at least once.

Second, you want to be in the Blog Finder Directory. There are two ways to do this.

  1. [Sign up for an account]( "It's easy! Create a Technorati account.") and once that is done, [claim your blog]( "It's easy too! Tell Technorati which blogs are yours."). You can then [configure your blog]( "Direct link to configuring your first claimed blog.") to add tags and other juicy bits of information (optional). If you have a swiss blog, try adding the tag [helvetia]( "See list of blogs tagged helvetia.") to your blog. Surprises in store soon.
  2. If you don't want to bother with signing up with Technorati or claiming your blog, it's easy: just add directory tags to your blog. Directory tags are [like tags]( "How to tag, in French."), only you need to use the <code>rel="tag directory"</code> attribute on the link instead of just <code>rel="tag"</code>. Example? Add the following code anywhere on your blog to be tagged as "helvetia": <code><a href="" rel="tag directory">I'm a swiss blog!</a></code>. Adapt to any tag you wish to use. You can add upto 20 per blog.

Questions in the comments, please!

Lift: Thanks for the Videos, but… [en]

[fr] Problème pour visionner les vidéos de LIFT avec OSX et Firefox. Et vous?

I tried to get to the LIFT videos but I can’t read them. I have the latest versions of Tiger and Firefox. I spent a minute in a pop-up configuration window (that was nasty to start with), and then it just didn’t work. Can’t we have DailyMotion-style videos that “simply work”?

Audio works, though. Would be nice to be able to download it instead of stream.

As for the podcast feed, it asks me if I want to open NNWL. A little button to subscribe in iTunes would be really neat.

Delicious! A Great Bookmarks Manager [en]

Delicious is an online bookmark manager. It makes it very easy to add and categorize bookmarks, as well as share them with other users. You can also extract your bookmarks from delicious and integrate them in your blog to create a linklog. When I say ‘easy’, I really mean it!

Now, why on earth didn’t I start using delicious ages ago, when I first stumbled upon it? Maybe it didn’t look pretty enough, and didn’t flaunt its features loudly enough for me?

A couple of days ago I paid delicious another visit. See, somebody on #joiito mentioned my Keeping the Flat Clean post, and I suddenly found there was a bunch of people from delicious visiting that article. I thought: “My, people are actually using this thing!” and signed up for an account.

So… what does delicious do? It allows you to easily add pages you visit to your bookmarks, using intelligent bookmarklets (two clicks and no typing to add a link if you want to be minimalist). This is already easier than what I have to do to add links to my LinkBall.

You can categorize your bookmarks very easily by typing words in the “tag” field of the bookmarklet. No need to define categories — delicious takes care of it all for you. You can then view your bookmarks by category or (and this is where it gets interesting) all the bookmarks marked with a same tag. Each bookmark in your list is one-click editable, and each bookmark in somebody else’s list is one-click copyable. For each link, you can also view a list of all the users who have bookmarked it.

Does it stop there? No. All the bookmark lists (by user or by tag) are available in RSS and can be subscribed to within delicious. As a user, you have an Inbox which aggregates the feeds you have subscribed to. You may subscribe to a “user feed” or a “tag (category) feed”. On top of that, bookmark lists are available in plain html, and many users have contributed various hacks which can help you integrate your bookmarks with your weblog. (Update 02.06.04: one thing you shouldn’t do, though, is simply include that HTML feed with a PHP include or an iframe, as this will cause the delicious server to be hit each time somebody views your page.)

If you aren’t a user of delicious yet, you need to go and register right now.