Lift: Thanks for the Videos, but… [en]

[fr] Problème pour visionner les vidéos de LIFT avec OSX et Firefox. Et vous?

I tried to get to the LIFT videos but I can’t read them. I have the latest versions of Tiger and Firefox. I spent a minute in a pop-up configuration window (that was nasty to start with), and then it just didn’t work. Can’t we have DailyMotion-style videos that “simply work”?

Audio works, though. Would be nice to be able to download it instead of stream.

As for the podcast feed, it asks me if I want to open NNWL. A little button to subscribe in iTunes would be really neat.

7 thoughts on “Lift: Thanks for the Videos, but… [en]

  1. Could we escape from RealPlayer? I’d rather view them in Quicktime.

  2. Doesn’t work for me either.. I hate it when I feel having a pretty computer is a way to be discriminated 😉

  3. The point is that streaming is a bad idea; downloading is always nicer for the user. A video that long is great for a train journey, but streaming it doesn’t work there.

  4. I couldn’t get them to work either. Also I very much would love audio or video from the Thomas Madsen Mygdal presentation. I was in it, but had to walk out, because I couldn’t concentrate at all (thanks to my fever) It seems, that this was the presentation to be in – and I missed it

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