Stephanie's October Conference Tour: SHiFT [en]

[fr] La conférence SHiFT a lieu du 15 au 17 octobre à Lisbonne. J'y parlerai des conférences que je donne depuis bientôt quatre ans dans les écoles. Il est encore possible de s'inscrire pour assister à la conférence, faites vite!

Well, here we are. I should have blogged about this long ago, but without getting into the details of these past weeks, it’s been kinda… busy here lately.

October is conference month in Stephanie-land. I leave on Tuesday. Let’s see what we have in store. First conference:

SHiFT, 15-17 October 2008, Lisbon

SHiFT - Social and Human Ideas For Technology I was present at the first edition of SHiFT in 2006, and really liked this Reboot– and LIFT-inspired event. Smaller scale than both of them, SHiFT is set in beautiful Lisbon and has a very nice atmosphere. I heard some great talks and met some incredible people in 2006, and I’m looking forward to more this year.

I’m really excited that I’ve been invited to speak, and will for the first time cover and comment on the work I’ve been doing in schools for nearly four years in schools, raising awareness about digital media issues with teenagers, teachers, and parents, in “What do teenagers, teachers, and parents need to understand“.

Even if you don’t work with teenagers or in a school setting, and don’t have any teenage children, I think you’ll find my talk interesting. I would really like to encourage you to attend. I’m saying this because I’ll be talking about what feels to me like my most meaningful work, and I want to share it. The thinking and issues behind it go way beyond educational settings, as I explain in my recent comments following a radio show about Facebook in Swiss companies, and the complete ignorance of what may seem basic digital media awareness in those environments — both on the part of employees and company management.

I’m not danah or Anastasia and my book project is on hold ;-), but I’ve learnt over the years that though it may not have seemed extraordinary to me at first, I have acquired some valuable insights about online behaviours of both adults and teenagers, and I’m really happy to have a chance to share them with my digitally clued-in peers.

If you hadn’t planned to attend SHiFT, hurry up and register. It’s last-minute but it’s still possible. EasyJet and TAP flights will take you to Lisbon from most places in Europe.

Looking forward to seeing you there!

Two Events For Your Calendar [en]

[fr] Deux conférences à ne pas manquer. SHiFT, les 15-17 Octobre à Lisbonne, et Singularity, la première conférence en ligne de grande envergure, les 24-26 du même mois.

I’d like to draw to your attention two events which are being organized by friends of mine, and which will both take place in October.

The first is SHiFT, which will take place in Lisbon, October 15-17. It’s organized by Pedro Custodio and the other members of the SHiFT association. I attended the first edition in 2006 and really liked it — a human-sized conference as I prefer them.

SHiFT 2008 - Lisbon, Portugal - October 15-17 2008

The second is Singularity, which will be like nothing you’ve ever seen before. It’s the first large-scale online conference and it will take place everywhere (!), October 24-26th. It’s organized by Aral Balkan, whom I met at LIFT08 (and then again at BlogTalk and SXSW — seems we’re on the same conference circuit). I’ll be speaking at Singularity.

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Ongoing: SHiFT [en]

[fr] SHiFT a commencé. Plein de choses que je devrais bloguer, mais... Voilà.

SHiFT has started, and I’m feeling very guilty about not blogging and photographing everything. Oh well.

Of note for me this morning, two talks: Lilia on personal blogging meeting work blogging and Laurent on the lessons learned during his adventure with coComment.

In Lisbon! [en]

[fr] Bien arrivée à Lisbonne.

Safely arrived in Lisbon. CouchSurfing rules. Photos on Flickr.

Lisbon by Night 02 Lisbon by Night 04
Lisbon by Night 11
Lisbon by Night 20 Lisbon by Night 17
Lisbon by Night 41 Lisbon by Night 37

A l'étranger jusqu'au 4 [fr]

[en] Off for Shift and Blogtalk. Be back on the 4th. Catch me by e-mail or SMS if you need to communicate.

Comme prévu, je serai absente jusqu’au 4 (conférences Shift à Lisbonne puis BlogTalk à Vienne).

Pour me joindre durant ce temps, e-mail et SMS sont les moyens les plus appropriés.

Petite anecdote dans le genre “j’y crois pas”: train Lausanne-Genève, 9h du matin. J’ai enlevé mes tongs et je me suis roulée en boule sur le fauteuil pour vaguement faire la sieste. Le contrôleur vient gentiment m’expliquer que je ne peux pas mettre mes pieds (même tout roses et fraîchement douchés) sur la banquette sans utiliser un papier de protection. Il est sympa, il a amené une serviette en papier et la dispose sur le siège au bon endroit.

Par contre, mon sac de voyage qui a traîné sur des sols plus que douteurs, il n’a pas besoin de papier de protection, lui. J’ai fini le voyage les pieds de retour dans mes tongs.

Who Wants to Share a Room at Shift? [en]

[fr] Je cherche quelqu'un avec qui partager une chambre à Lisbonne pour Shift, dans dix jours.

I’m late, I know, but I still haven’t booked my accommodation in Lisbon for Shift in two weeks’ time.

Is anybody in the same situation, and willing to share a hotel room with me? I do clutter up the hotel room with my stuff a bit, but I’m reasonably easy-going. I’ll be arriving Monday night and leaving Saturday (doesn’t matter if your dates are a bit different).

Send me an e-mail or leave a note in the comments. If we don’t know each other, thanks for giving me a little information about yourself or a link to your blog.

Travel Plans [en]

[fr] Prochains voyages: Lisbonne puis Vienne à la fin du mois de septembre, et peut-être l'Inde cet hiver si j'ai les sous.

  • (25)26-30th September: Shift in Lisbon, Portugal
  • 1st-3rd October: BlogTalk in Vienna, Austria

I’ve more or less got the trip to Lisbon and the return from Vienna sorted out. I’m in trouble for getting from Lisbon to Vienna during the week-end without emptying my bank account. Anybody else doing this? Got ideas where I should look? (Trains, planes, coaches?)

I’m also tempted to go to India for two months over December-January (get back here in time for Lift early February). The problem there is finances: I don’t know yet if I’ll be able to afford it. One idea would be to try and get some consulting work over there (Delhi, Pune, Bangalore…) — if the rates in the industry are worth it. Anybody know what opportunities a videshi bloggy consultant might find there?

Do speak up if we’re going to be in the same place at the same time!