Who Wants to Share a Room at Shift? [en]

[fr] Je cherche quelqu'un avec qui partager une chambre à Lisbonne pour Shift, dans dix jours.

I’m late, I know, but I still haven’t booked my accommodation in Lisbon for [Shift](http://wiki.shift.pt) in two weeks’ time.

Is anybody in the same situation, and willing to [share a hotel room](http://wiki.shift.pt/doku.php/en/conference/sponsorship/sanahotels “One of the cheaper ones if possible.”) with me? I do clutter up the hotel room with my stuff a bit, but I’m reasonably easy-going. I’ll be arriving Monday night and leaving Saturday (doesn’t matter if your dates are a bit different).

Send me an e-mail or leave a note in the comments. If we don’t know each other, thanks for giving me a little information about yourself or a link to your blog.

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