Love-Sick Poems [en]

I haven’t written much poetry in my life, but when it happens, I have more inspiration when I’m feeling down.
Here are a few “love-sick” poems I wrote quite a while back.

### Strange place

As I float
In a place where space is no constraint
A world of words
And silent laughs
A world where thoughts
Through space and time
Just race around
From mind to mind

You are so close
Just next to me
Yet out of touch
And out of smell
I know down to your deepest fears
You understand my darkest tears
But you can never hold me tight


###Silent distance

A silent voice
That keeps me waiting
A stubborn hope
That we’ll be talking
That out of the void
My name will ring
And all distance denied
Our lives will collide


### Silence

Have I done something wrong
That you leave me so long?
Have I pushed you away
By craving your stay?

‘Cause if I have not…
Your voice that was warm
To my lonely heart
Must have turned to cold stone
And forgotten my name

For be I just friend
Or lover to be
This silence of yours
Is sorrow to me


### Why?

Once again—
I didn’t ask for anything
He came and tried to draw me in
He begged a small place in my heart
I resisted, then gave in
To find out all I was to him
Was just another of those girls…
And now there is an empty space
A painful hole
Where I agreed
To let him in


###Ham aapko hain kaun ?

Sans moi le monde était vide…
Tu me cherchais sans cesse
Tu m’attendais des heures
Ma voix te berçait
Par-delà  l’océan

Loin, loin de toi
Cette lourde distance
Si froide si vraie

Maintenant ton silence
Pas un mot pas un signe
Si ton monde s’est rempli
Que tes heures sont heureuses
Je n’existe plus…


###What if?

If I could ask
Someone to hold me
If I could say
I am so lonely

What would be wrong?
Would I be weak?
Is weakness ill
Or strength that hides?

If I could show this pain inside
If I could find out where it hides
Would you be there right by my side
To help my carry tears and fears?

Would you be near
Or would you leave me
Sad and weary
Fight my past
All by myself?




The grass is green the sky is grey
The wind is blowing through the leaves
I hear the birds sing merrily
I smell the flowers sweet of May

As through the fields I walk alone
The cold grey creeps inside my skin
I feel the numbness oozing in
My heart has not yet turned to stone

I need no one
I stand alone
The fields are bare
Wind in my hair

I look away
My eyes are shy
I feel a tear–
Must be the wind

7 thoughts on “Love-Sick Poems [en]

  1. was feeling lovesick and so googled “poems about lovesickness”. Silent Distance was right on. Thank you.

  2. I love your poems. They hit deep with me. Thank you.
    Silence makes the most sense to me, I’m kinda in that position.

    I was wondering, do you think you could translate the “Ham aapko hain kaun?”
    I’d really like to know what it says to appreciate it. 🙂 Thank you.

  3. My boyfriend has just moved away, and I’m feeling lonely and hopelessly lovesick. ‘Silent Distance’ and ‘Silence’ really made me appreciate that I’m not the only person feeling like this right now. Thank you – I love your poetry.

  4. I was feeling silly about longing so much for someone far away in many ways but as poetically inspiring as any I’ve ever known. So I searched on “lovesick poet” and came to you. Thank you! and your other readers. I hope things are better for all of you now.

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