Bellaminettes [en]

I found some nice bunnywabbit illustrations, by Bruno Bellamy. Here they are!

Sketch of a bunny-girl with a carrot.
© Bruno Bellamy

Pretty pretty. Bruno Bellamy not only draws pretty girls, he even has a couple of bunnywabbit ones.

As Bellamy has a sensible reproduction policy for somebody who publishes his art on the web, I’m happy to show you the two bunnies which caught my attention.

This first one is just a sketch, but I really like the hair and the carrot. The next one is in colour — maybe I should consider changing my pink layout to blue?

Blue bunny-girl without any carrot or hair.
© Bruno Bellamy

Bellamy allows personal website owners to reproduce a few of his pictures on their sites, under certain conditions. He has now added a new one: he does not want his pictures used on sites which brag “optimised for Internet Explorer”

Well… what did you think a bunnywabbit looked like?

Thanks to Tristan for pointing out this artist to me!

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