Interviewed About Multilingualism by Andrea Vascellari [en]

[fr] Une interview qui date de novembre, mais que je ne regarde qu'aujourd'hui (à ma grande honte). Andrea Vascellari m'a attrapée à Berlin lors de Web2.0Expo, et m'a interviewée sur les questions de multilinguisme en ligne que j'affectionne. Il a ajouté au début une petite partie sur Going Solo, donc si vous avez déjà vu mon discours donné à LIFT, sautez sans arrière-pensée les premières trois minutes de la vidéo. La suite est nouvelle, je vous rassure!

At Web2.0Expo in Berlin, last November, I met Andrea Vascellari. He’s Italian, lives in Finland, and does a regular video podcast on Vascellari Media Channel — VMC. I was speaking on multilingualism at Web2Open, so we sat down in a corridor (we thought it would be nice and quiet, but we picked a spot just near… the loo/bathroom/restroom/toilets) for a little chat on the topic of languages online.

Upon editing, Andrea added a few words about Going Solo and inserted my speech about it — so if you already saw the LIFT08 speech, feel free to skip the first 3-4 minutes. There’s a whole bunch of new material waiting for you after it.

VMC #30, where Andrea introduces Going Solo and makes me talk about multilingualism online. Andrea clearly knows the art of making his guest look good — thanks a lot!

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