Lots of Going Solo News [en]

[fr] Des nouvelles de Going Solo. Plein de nouveau! Mais pas le courage d'écrire en français. Au pire, filez sur la page presse où vous trouverez de la documentation en français au sujet de la conférence.

Gosh, I can’t remember when I posted the last Going Solo update on this blog. The conference is in less than a week! I can’t believe it.

You should really, really, really subscribe to the Going Solo blog to keep up with what’s going on on that front, or sign up for the newsletter if you’d rather get an e-mail every now and again.

Yes, Going Solo finally has a newsletter! And posters! And an agenda, speaker interviews, a bunch of great sponsors and partners (attendees will have a chance to win a FreshBooks Shuttle Bus package, get MOO goodies, and even see men in white. If you’re having trouble keeping track of where to find Going Solo online, this round-up post should help you.

Oh, and we have pre-conference and post-conference events organized, quite a bit of bandwidth at the venue (wifi of course), and we’re all set to film the sessions on the big day.

Phew. What am I missing? Oh yes, we’re going to be able to keep registration open this week (the kind people at the Albatros-Navigation are flexible enough to allow us to do that). I need to write a note about that on the Going Solo blog. And we have a press page where you can download shiny PDFs both in French and English.

Funnily, my stress levels are going down these days. I mean, we’re almost all set, aren’t we? I might bite my tongue for saying that these next days, though…

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