Busy! [en]

[fr] Je cours, je cours! Pas mal de nouveau sur le site de Going Solo. J'espère mettre les billets en vente dès mercredi!

Gosh, have I been busy these last weeks. My “one post a day minimum” resolution kind of evaporated when I started [running all around town](http://going-solo.net/2008/01/21/venue-stories/) looking at venues for Going Solo.

Well, [we have a venue](http://going-solo.net/2008/02/04/the-venue/) now, and today I spent a fair amount of time playing with [Expectnation](http://expectnation.com) to try and get it ready to [open registration](http://going-solo.net/registration/) less than two days from now (fingers crossed).

We also have
badges to display in your sidebar (thanks, [Carlos](http://design.osez.ch/)!) and [more content on the Going Solo site](http://going-solo.net/2008/02/04/more-like-an-event-site/). [Pulled the badges after some feedback. New ones soon!]

I also seem to have found our fourth speaker, which I’m quite excited about (no, not telling — both parties are going to chew on it a little before we make it offical).

Now, I just need to sleep, prepare my [workshop](http://www.liftconference.com/get-started-blogging), rehearse my [Open Stage speech](http://www.liftconference.com/going-solo-being-freelancer-connected-world), announce the Lausanne [blogging seminar](http://stephanie-booth.com/fr/particuliers/initiation/) for 26th February and figure out how to market it.

Uh-oh! Night night everybody.

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