Thanks! See You at LIFT08 :-) [en]

A heartfelt thanks to those of you who following blogged about Going Solo or voted for my Open Stage presentation. I’m actually going to be the first Open Stage talk, Thursday morning before the break. Exciting and scary!

My workshop also got enough registrations to be provided with a room, which is nice. I can still accommodate a few more people (up to 15 as far as I’m concerned, but I’m trying to make sure the room is big enough). I’d like to insist again on the fact that this is a workshop for people who are not yet blogging — you’ll find it frighteningly basic if you’re already a blogger. Also, you will have to bring your own laptop as we do not have a computer lab. So, if you’re coming to LIFT08, aren’t blogging yet, but would like to get going, sign up for the workshop.

I’ve been asked by a couple of people if they could come to the workshop although they don’t have a ticket for LIFT. That is unfortunately impossible, as the workshops are reserved to LIFT attendees (you should come to LIFT, it’s really worth it). (The Venture Night and Sustainable Development Sessions are open to non-LIFT public, however.) For those who might be interested, I’m planning to organize similar Get Started Blogging workshops in Lausanne (or elsewhere if there is enough interest). The first should take place on Feb. 26th (details to follow), in French. Again, if enough English-speakers are interested (say 6 people minimum) then I can also organize a workshop in English.

My discussion session on multilingualism online thankfully didn’t make the cut (remember I’ll also be live-blogging LIFT08!!), but I’ll set up an informal meeting for people who are interested in chatting about this.

See you at LIFT!

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  1. love to know about the going solo thing – i have been a freelancer for the last 18 months and i have developed 80 clients in that time, with 5-6 regular ones every few months. i need a url for this going solo thing, i could not find it. . .

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