Great Indian Food in Leeds [en]

[fr] Maliks Restaurant est un excellent endroit où manger de la nourriture indienne à Leeds.

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11 Merrion Way,



Best Indian food I’ve eaten since India!

Maliks outside

I went to Leeds Market this morning with my Dad, and we had decided to go and eat some Indian food. The places he remembered were (un)fortunately all closed, and we ended up having a meal at Maliks, just behind Merrion Centre.

Well, let me tell you — this is the best Indian food I’ve eaten since I came back from India! We chose the lunchtime buffet, a real deal at £6.95: two delicious starters (fish and tandoori chicken wings, really yummy), vegetables and two choices of meat which actually tasted like they’d been cooked in India. I ordered a naan to eat my meat with (extra but really worth it), and I wasn’t disappointed: huge and fluffy.

Maliks first floor 1

There were two choices of dessert included in the buffet: Rasmalai (perfect, not chewy at all) and rose-flavoured rice pudding.

Unlike most Indian restaurants which tend to be a bit dark and stuffy, the inside is modern and well-lit. It’s a nice change. I mean, “exotic Indian” interiors are nice the first few times you go and eat Indian food, but one can get fed up of them.

We talked a bit with the owner at the end of the meal. He told us they’d only just opened. I asked him if I could take a photo with him on it for my review. He also showed us upstairs — there’s a huge room there if you’re thinking “reception”.

More photos:

Maliks Restaurant in Leeds: here it is! Maliks Restaurant in Leeds: upper room Maliks Restaurant in Leeds: location

My rating: 5.0 stars

3 thoughts on “Great Indian Food in Leeds [en]

  1. Miam!
    J’ai decouvert la nourriture indienne a Londres, il y a plus de dix ans…Comme quoi les indiens d’Angleterre ont l’air de bien faire la cuisine!

    Eu fait, ta page d’introduction au langage d’HTML est vraiment chouette 🙂

  2. chances that i visit leeds again is small. at least i know what a wonderful city leeds is!
    back to the indian food. indian food is so underdeveloped in switzerland and it would be so delicious. as an example i take my hometown bern. we have three different places to go. one is way too much expensive, one is not bad but still to expensive. just a bit! and the third one is actually doing a good job. but in the two acceptable once, the variety is very small. i was in india too and there is so much to offer.
    about the price i remember a person who visited bern and she said, all over the world asian food is cheap except in switzerland!

  3. My Dad just tells me that he ate at Maliks again and it was just as good! He also said the owner sends his thanks for my post (wow) and he got a voucher for two free meals 🙂 — AND I’m invited there for a free meal too next time I go to Leeds. Nice, and… you’re welcome!

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