Quick Comment Spam Tip for WordPress [en]

Here are the two plugins you need to fight comment spam using WordPress.

[fr] Deux plugins pour combattre le spam de commentaires sous WordPress: Kitten's Spaminator et Kitten's Spam Words. [Edit 03.12.2004] Ou plus simple, Spam Karma, que j'utilise à  présent.

If you want a quick tip to protect your WordPress installation from comment spam, the killer plugin combination is Kitten’s Spaminator and Kitten’s Spam Words.

The second allows you to “delete as spam”, adding keywords and IPs to the filter, and the second gives “spam points” to new comments (ie, for words matching the filter, previous comment posted within the last x minutes, IP matching the filter), deleting those over a certain threshold directly, and queuing the others for moderation. It’s also smart enough to give bonus points if the commentor has already had comments posted on the blog.

Edit 04.12.2004: See the comment, I’m now using Spam Karma rather than the two plugins presented above.

7 thoughts on “Quick Comment Spam Tip for WordPress [en]

  1. Stéphanie, comme je suis pas vraiment un spécialiste de la chose : est-ce que tu penses que ce que tu préconises pourrait être utilisable sous Dotclear ?

  2. This is valid if you’re using 1.2 or 1.2.1. If you’re using 1.3 already, then try Spam Karma.

    In all cases, I recommend installing the Plugin Manager to make downloading and installing plugins painless 🙂

  3. *smack* ca devenait fatiguant de zapper ces parasites en phpmyadmin. Merci Steph. Merci Mookitty. Merci WordPress. Merci à  mon producteur…

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