Just do it [en]

[fr] Parfois, on fait les choses même quand on n'en a pas vraiment envie.

“Just do it” is the answer many of us poor procrastinators get when asking for support from our non-procrastinating friends. And usually, it doesn’t help.

However, I’ve learned that there are situations where “just do it” is the answer. Years ago, I realized that I had become trapped in an excessive “what do I feel like doing” state of mind. I would wait until I felt like doing something to do it. I thought that I needed to feel like doing things to do them, and expected that at some point I would always feel like doing the things I had to do.

Probably too many childhood and teenage years what I wanted and what I felt like were not given enough place in my life, but let’s not dwell on that.

The important realization was when I understood that sometimes you don’t feel like doing things, and you still do them. You don’t feel like doing the washing-up, but you do it because you’ve decided that you wanted to live with a reasonably clean kitchen and clean dishes for your next meal. You don’t really feel like eating anything in particular, or maybe chocolate, but you make a salad, cut some bread, and put a piece of meat in the pan because you’ve decided it was important to have a balanced diet, even when you didn’t really feel like it.

And sometimes you work, or study, because you have an end goal in mind, or need to earn a living, even if you don’t always feel like it.

This is not to say you should ignore your feelings. But sometimes, for some people, listening to them too much can get in the way of living.

On Being Wiped Out [en]

[fr] Epuisée mais contente. Si je ne vous reconnais pas, si je vous demande trois fois votre nom, si j'essaie de vous donner des cartes de visite trois fois... soyez indulgents. Je suis hyper contente de la réception de mon discours sur l'histoire de Going Solo.

My poor brain can’t follow anymore. I’m loosing track of who I speak to, who I’ve met, who I’ve given Going Solo moo cards too (even to my friends). I’m delighted with the reception of my speech about Going Solo — swept off my feet, even.

Many people have come to tell me they liked my speech, that it was inspiring, that they are going to come to Going Solo, that they want to interview me (I’ve lost track of the number of interviews I’ve given today, honestly), or talk about partnerships or possible synergies.

I’m feeling bad, because I was invited as one of the electronic media crowd to live-blog the event, and I think I’ve done a really crappy job of it. I hope to earn my pass tomorrow.

I’m not feeling overwhelmed as I was at FoWA, because I’m happy rather than frustrated and anxious. But I can’t keep up. Don’t get me wrong, I want to speak to you, and I’m going to. I also know that this is important for my event 🙂 — but if I look a little exhausted, if I ask you your name three times, try to give you Moo cards twice, or forget what you just told me… please be indulgent!

Liberté d'écrire [fr]

[en] I've been feeling increasingly less free to write here (that's not new, can't remember when I first said it). Maybe the huge category list is guilty.

Je crois que ça m’est déjà arrivé de dire ça ici, mais j’ai la flemme de rechercher le billet. Je me suis rendue compte (e ou pas de e à rendue? j’oublie toujours) en écrivant des “bêtises” dans mon BleuBlog que je limite mon expression sur CTTS. Trop peur d’écrire des banalités. Pression que je me mets d’être à la hauteur. Je suis en train de devenir une de ces horribles personnes dont je me suis parfois moquée qui “écrivent pour leurs lecteurs” avant tout.

Eh bien mince. Je veux récupérer le droit d’écrire des articles moins longs (car je tartine, n’est-ce pas) et des critiques pas forcément fouillées jusqu’à la dernière virgule.

Je sais, j’ai “tous les droits” ici — ce n’est que de moi-même à moi-même que ça coince un peu.

Je crois que la monstrueuse liste de catégories dans ce blog n’aide pas. Allez savoir pourquoi, mais ça me bloque. Il faut vraiment que je fasse du triage. Mettre à jour Batch Categories par exemple.