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Nothing special going on, all ok, not very keen on spending too much time in the Internet café.

Due mainly to how far the closest internet café is situated, and generally the rather bad connections from where I’m staying, I’m pretty reluctant to spend too much time in front of the screen. There are nicer things to do, too, like hanging around with people, reading (I’ve finished my 500-page book, started another), eating nice food, and watching hindi movies.

Not to mention that the keyboards here are hard and hurt my hands.

Checking e-mail isn’t much fun either, as the huge amount of spam and junk mail I get tends to drown out the real messages. At home I have a pretty efficient set of filters organised, but here, even with Thunderbird on a USB drive, it’s not half as good.

Yesterday I went to the new E-Square cinema complex on the university road. It’s just awesome! So new and clean that it could have been in Switzerland. The food and movie (Kal Ho Na Ho) were nice, too. Before going out for dinner, Nisha and the other women in the building had a small function, where each drops in at the other’s place to receive a small gift and things. I took photographs and filmed a bit, so you’ll get to see those next time I come online.

8 thoughts on “More Non-News [en]

  1. I’m glad to hear their are modern facilities and restaurants where you are. Are you teaching English, or is your visit for pleasure? In Los Angeles, the weather is very springlike, with temperatures in the 70s daily.

    Best wishes,


  2. E-Square is all nice and swank. I liked it the first time I saw it too. Later , it made me think – its all good for the economy alright, but maybe all this mainstream “urbanisation” is just taking away that old charm that the town of Pune always had. It seems to be following Bombay almost.It would be good if we had the best of both worlds, but thats a fine line to walk upon.
    At least they’re talking about making “good” changes to the citys infrastructure, as this article suggests –
    But then, talk is cheap unless its backed up with action right 🙂

  3. Is there interesting music played on the radio stations where you are? I just heard “Chaiya Chaiya” over the web, and really liked it.

  4. Hi,

    KevinMarks, adamhill and jeanniecool at #joiito pointed me to your blog and said you were in India. I’m in Bangalore. If you’re here anytime and want to meet up, let me know.

  5. Hi Kiran! thanks for the note. I’m in Pune until Sunday, and then I’ll be heading for Kerala — no stop in Bangalore I’m afraid. Would have been nice to meet up, though!

    As for music, laura, I haven’t been hearing much radio these days. I’m coming back with a pile of CDs, of course, even though I can’t listen to them here (the CD player at home is broken). I just have to trust the judgement of my friends 😉

    If you’re interested in listening to a little hindi music, you can try downloading stuff from my /music/ directory — but please don’t link to it 🙂

  6. How much longer will you be in India? It’s hard to believe there’s not a workable CD player near you. Are there any lovely gardens to visit? I know there’s a lot of rain, so there must be some primo garden spots.

    Best wishes,

  7. Is there a way to email interesting posts from this blog to a friend?

    Hey, same full moon in India tonight as in Los Angeles! I hope it’s clear.

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