Flock Sync Issue Solved! [en]

[fr] Problème de synchro de bookmarks avec Flock réglé!

Yay! The really exasperating behavior Flock was putting up by refusing to sync my favorites unless I restarted the browser has now come to an end.

It seems that a file named flock_fq_default_in.rdf (in Library, Flock stuff, profile, you’ll find it if you need to) was corrupted. So I shut down Flock a couple of times, made sure my bookmarks were in sync, and deleted the file.

Now everything seems to be running smoothly! Thanks to Mike for being my liaison in the resolution of this problem — and for the information to drop into the offices when I’m in San Francisco. I might very well do so!

Fixing Newline Abuse in WordPress [en]

Newlines had crept into some of my old posts and corrupted the formatting. Quick and dirty script I used to solve the problem.

[fr] Des retours à  la ligne excédentaires se sont glissés dans mes anciens posts à  un moment donné, cassant des liens et le formattage en général. J'ai utilisé un petit script pour supprimer tous les retours à  la ligne de ces posts.

I only realised right now how badly broken about 500 of my old posts where. Somewhere in the process, newlines got added at the end of each line, and not just at the end of each paragraph. As WordPress kindly and intelligently adds the necessary HTML markup for paragraph and line breaks in posts, this meant that lots of my posts had broken links (when the newline occurred in the middle of a link) and uneven lines.

Victims: about 500 posts.

Solution: luckily, all the concerned posts had complete HTML formatting in them. Purely and simply removing all the newlines with a short PHP script was the way to go.

Thanks to all those who helped. You probably won’t be able to use the script as is, but if you have a similar problem at some point, it might help. The script pulls out the posts from the WordPress database, removes the newlines, and puts the post back into the table.