Busy with Photographs [en]

Finally importing my Indian videos (not ready yet). Lots of photos to see on Flickr, though.

[fr] Je suis en train de transférer sur mon ordinateur des vidéos que j'ai prises en Inde il y a 18 mois (il était temps!) Vous pouvez aussi retrouver mes photos sur Flickr -- j'ai bien bossé depuis quelques jours!

I’ve finally decided to organise all my photographs in iPhoto, and I got a Flickr Pro account. I’ve been uploading like mad, so you should take a look at the photographs I have on Flickr. Use my tags to browse around if you feel like it.

I also borrowed a mini-DV camera from school and bought a large external hard disk so that I could import the few hours of film I took while I was in India last time. The low-quality videos you may already have seen are only a small sample of what I (and Anita!) shot.

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