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[fr] Je sais, rien d'écrit depuis longtemps (surtout pas en français)! J'ai été bien occupée. Je pars demain pour cinq semaines aux Etats-Unis, mais j'ai un long billet en français qui sera bientôt publié. En attendant, allez faire un tour dans mes photos. J'y ai mis de l'ordre. Commencez par visiter les collections et les albums. Puis cliquez sur les photos présentes dans ce billet!

I haven’t blogged since reboot, I know. I have too much to blog and spent the last 10 days running around in preparation for my departure to San Francisco (for five weeks!) in a little less than 24 hours, now. I’ve got a big blog post in French coming up, but while you wait, here are some pointers to photos I’ve spent some time uploading and reorganizing in Flickr.

Sarzens juin 2007 36

First, check out my collections page. Collections are like super photo albums, which contain other albums. It’s a great place to start exploring my photos. I’ve also started making sure that all my photos were in sets (or albums) but I still have a long way to go (around 2000 photos not in sets yet).

Here are a few starters if the links above don’t inspire you:

Lisbon Day 2 - 114
Lisbon by Night

Cuisery 59
Random Kitty Photos

Copenhagen 37

Reboot9 Second Day 11
Reboot Conference
(Some of them featured on… part II coming up soon!)

Orbe, Swiss countryside

Leeds 16

When you go on the photo page of the pictures below, be sure to check which sets they are in on the right-hand-side of the Flickr page.

Stephanie with Hundred Dollar Laptop Festival de la Cité 2006 09 manchettes-peur Sarzens juin 2007 12 Jour gris 3 Oiseaux de bord de lac (avec Virginie) 7 Ron des Fades 19 Rickshaw Vienna 10 Silly New Hair Photos Cuisery 54 Fun With Photo Booth and Bagha London 5 Two Girls in a Chalet Steph + Suw Photo Booth Fest Another new shelf San Francisco 291 Montgolfière Visite Romain - 67 Lausanne by Night 38 20030803 tape mouches Senteurs de Charme 41 Staring into the fire Cows up close Sarzens (retouched) Chris Crab & Beer in Pune, India (2004) - 45 Gauri and chair Post-Reboot Party 27 Paléo 2005 pretty car

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