Nerves, Judo and Spring in Autumn [en]

So the neurologist says my nerves are fine. That is good news. In the space of a day, the weather has gone from beautiful sunny autumn to grey drizzly November. That, on the other hand, is depressing.

The neurologist gave me two weeks of sick leave from work. That should allow enough time for my special equipment to arrive. I’m going back to judo—no hard training of course, but it will do me good to move a little.

I’m starting to understand why I have been doing so much judo for all these years. When doing judo, I am myself—body, mind and emotions—in a way that I am not usually capable of. I now see much more clearly why I tend to be in low spirits when I don’t train.

I’m slowly starting to thaw. It is at the same time less frightening and more frightening. It is exciting. It makes me wonder what my future is going to be made of.

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