Fun! [en]

We knew fusion had editors. Now grimm has too!
Introducing yours truly, grimm editor.

This is how it works. I write the beginning of a story, send it to somebody, who writes the next bit and sends it back. Then I take the last snippet of the story, and send it to somebody else. Ten people total.

Then we stick the story together, and publish at waferbaby.

Important! If you register at waferbaby, you go into daniel’s pool of people, not mine. Daniel is like my “boss” for this thing, and I have to find my own “players”.
So if you like writing, just come on and join the fun by sending me an email!

Christmas wish-list [en]

  • a digi-cam
  • a film scanner
  • a big bucketful of time
  • two pre-written French courseworks on the appropriate subjects…

Thanks in advance!

Say [en]

I think I’ve always felt I had something to say to the world – something to leave behind me.

Is everybody like that or is it just me?

Intranet [en]

Writing web pages for an intranet is nice: if they show up OK in your browser, you know that they will behave the same on all the company’s computers.
Orange is giving me a good chance to mess about with CSS – and now that I look at the stylesheet I use here, I see there is a lot of work to be done.

I also want to slightly redesign (haven’t I been saying that for ages?) and clean up all my files.

My “helper” at work made me discover EditPlus, which is, I must admit, an improvement on Notepad. Even if it was just for the coloured tags and the multi-file replace.
So I’m hunting around to see if there is anything better, and also looking for a good free FTP client.

Suggestions, anyone?

Web vs. Life [en]

At times, I feel like Jo that the web sucks me away from my life.
Probably, of course, because I let myself be sucked in (I believe we have a responsability in what we live).

Do you experience anything similar? I’d like to hear you on this one.