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Writing web pages for an intranet is nice: if they show up OK in your browser, you know that they will behave the same on all the company’s computers.
Orange is giving me a good chance to mess about with CSS – and now that I look at the stylesheet I use here, I see there is a lot of work to be done.

I also want to slightly redesign (haven’t I been saying that for ages?) and clean up all my files.

My “helper” at work made me discover EditPlus, which is, I must admit, an improvement on Notepad. Even if it was just for the coloured tags and the multi-file replace.
So I’m hunting around to see if there is anything better, and also looking for a good free FTP client.

Suggestions, anyone?

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  1. so far as a text editor goes, I really must swear by good old NoteTab (Light, I don’t pay for anything, multiple document support, a powerful system of “clipbooks” etcetra etcetera, generally an excellent program

  2. I use ws_ftp .. the lite version does everything
    I need and is free. Downloaded it from

  3. Thanks! I downloaded ws_ftp and will definately use it next time my site goes through an upgrade – which is not now, as I’m clogged up with work…

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