Lift: Thanks for the Videos, but… [en]

[fr] Problème pour visionner les vidéos de LIFT avec OSX et Firefox. Et vous?

I tried to get to the LIFT videos but I can’t read them. I have the latest versions of Tiger and Firefox. I spent a minute in a pop-up configuration window (that was nasty to start with), and then it just didn’t work. Can’t we have DailyMotion-style videos that “simply work”?

Audio works, though. Would be nice to be able to download it instead of stream.

As for the podcast feed, it asks me if I want to open NNWL. A little button to subscribe in iTunes would be really neat.

Post-TV [fr]

L’école reprend, je répondrai donc aux commentaires et apporterai quelques précisions concernant ce que j’ai dit à  l’antenne d’ici quelques jours.

[en] The TV show is online for your viewing, if you are ready to sell your soul to Real. As school is starting, I don't have time to comment on it now, unfortunately.

Merci à  tout le monde pour vos commentaires et vos e-mails suite à  l’émission, que vous pouvez maintenant visionner en ligne. Je suis très contente de la façon dont ça s’est déroulé!

L’école reprend aujourd’hui, je n’ai donc pas le temps de répondre à  toutes vos remarques, et surtout, de préciser tout ce que je n’ai pas eu le temps de préciser à  l’antenne. 10 minutes de direct, c’est court, et je me rends compte en écoutant l’émission que j’ai pris quelques raccourcis qui méritent développement. Aussi, en lisant quelques réactions, je me rends compte que la situation d’interview n’a pas toujours été bien interprétée (entre autres, je n’ai pas été une pauvre chose impuissante manipulée par l’affreux journaliste!)

Donc, quelques jours de patience, et je répondrai à  vos e-mails et commentaires. En attendant, vous pouvez toujours écouter mon interview à  la Radio Suisse Romande ou aller voir mes photos de vacances… si vous les trouvez!

Back Home [en]

Back home in Switzerland. Got the cat back, but not the cellphone.

Switzerland is grey and dark and cold. No colours, no sun.

I’ve got my cat back (with a bit of extra weight, just like his mistress who now feels a little tight in her trousers), my brave little car started at the turn of the key, only one of my plants has died (it was already on the way down before I left), but my cellphone has been blocked.

I feel a bit dazed. The change has been brutal. I feel disconnected, as if my presence here wasn’t completely real — or worse, as if India was just some kind of weird dream, a sensation I sometimes have when I am over there. Something else I need to sort out at some point, I guess.

I’m not too sure what I’m going to do now. There are lot of things to unpack, an extra CD/DVD-rack to buy (!), a few things to type up, and lots of photos and videos to upload and organize. The flat still needs work, too.

I think I’ll take a Lush bath.

Photos and Videos [en]

Videos and photos online.

Some photos and videos are already dumped online. You’ll find the photos in the Dumped Photos section, and the videos in the Films section.

Don’t expect too much, though, there is a lot of rubbish!