Twitter Metrics: Let's Remain Scientific, Please! [en]

[fr] On ne peut pas prendre deux mesures au hasard, en faire un rapport, et espérer qu'il ait un sens. Un peu de rigueur scientifique, que diable!

10.02.2011: Seesmic recently took its video service down. I have the videos but need to put them back online. Thanks for your patience.

Video post prompted by [Louis Gray’s Twitter Noise Ratio]( I’m still [somewhat handicapped]( and [used up my typing quota this morning]( corrections: measure time, measure **distance** (not “speed”) My graphs: Louis Gray's Twitter Noise Updates/Followers Ratio Zoom in to the beginning of the graph: Twitter Noise, extremes removed Attempt to spot trends: Twitter Noise Updates per Followers, annotated Not conclusive. See also: [Stowe’s Twitterized Conversational Index]( — interestingly, Stowe became much more “chatty” on Twitter lately 😉 **Update: The Problem With Metrics** — a few thoughts on what metrics do to the way we behave with our tools. Confusing ends and means.

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