Word to CSS [en]

OK, I know it’s not new, but I’ve just tried it. Well I’ll be begaddled! The code is clean and usable. The output page looks just like the original document. There will only be minimal work to do to adapt the document to my site’s stylesheet…

If you haven’t already done so, please go and check out W2CSS straight away!

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Renaming Software [en]

Quick, run over and see Davezilla renaming software.
I absolutely love “ScreamWeaver”… hehe!

Virus Zoo [en]

There! I’ve finally installed a free antivirus.

In the process (and reason for this post) I discovered their Virus Zoo.

Google Toolbar [en]

[fr] I have found an office to create a coworking space in Lausanne. Up till today, I had three coworkers ready to sign up... only for various reasons, they aren't anymore. I'm not financially secure enough to sign the lease in these conditions. If you're in or around Lausanne and you think this coworking project is worthwhile, I need your help: we need to find three people interested in becoming "full-time members" (300.-/month, six month commitment and one month deposit) for Nov. 1st. Please spread the word. Thanks for your help.

If you haven’t seen it yet, check out the Google Toolbar.

HTML-Kit and WS_FTP Lite [en]

I’ve adopted HTMLkit. It’s really nice. I haven’t finished customizing it, but one thing is sure: I’m going to become an in-site-editing enthusiast.
The only feature it has missing is multiple file replace. I’m longing for something which will do what BBEdit does – carry out a replace on all the files in a directory.
And thanks to those who suggested it, I also got WS_FTP Lite.

Between Friday night and yesterday, I finished writing the script for my work at Orange. Thanks to those people who helped me : ) – working on the web is great!

One thing I’ve started doing when I need help on a topic is this (soooo simple, why didn’t I figure it out before?):
First, search with Google, and fine a few relevant threads in mailing list archives.
Then email the people who seemed to know what they were talking about, or who seemed to have a problem similar to yours.

Intranet [en]

Writing web pages for an intranet is nice: if they show up OK in your browser, you know that they will behave the same on all the company’s computers.
Orange is giving me a good chance to mess about with CSS – and now that I look at the stylesheet I use here, I see there is a lot of work to be done.

I also want to slightly redesign (haven’t I been saying that for ages?) and clean up all my files.

My “helper” at work made me discover EditPlus, which is, I must admit, an improvement on Notepad. Even if it was just for the coloured tags and the multi-file replace.
So I’m hunting around to see if there is anything better, and also looking for a good free FTP client.

Suggestions, anyone?

Spooky [en]

I don’t know what tricks CuteFTP and Notepad are playing on me.
First of all, every now and then I open a page to edit it and find that all my tabs and line breaks have flown away.
Then, I realize that the link to my site counter has disappeared – means that an old version of my pages must have been uploaded at some point.


Outlook Beware [en]

[fr] Twitter n'envoie dès à présent plus de SMS aux utilisateurs basés hors des Etats-Unis, du Canada, et de l'Inde: trop cher. Oui, ça veut dire que même vos DM ne vous parviennent plus sur votre téléphone. Très déçue et embêtée par ce changement assez important dans l'intégration de mes communications online et offline.

Some versions of Outlook and Outlook express can be vulnerable to viruses that act as the mail headers are read, i.e. even without you opening the message or the attachment. The good news is that a patch is available.