Prezi: Never Use Powerpoint Again [en]

[fr] Prezi va tuer Powerpoint, c'est moi qui vous le dis. Vous créez un canevas géant de votre présentation, et à coups de zoom et de déplacement, naviguez à l'intérieur pour illustrer votre présentation tout en gardant la structure de celle-ci bien visible. Powerpoint? Une dimension. Prezi? Trois.

A quick note to point you to Prezi, which I saw in action a couple of times in Paris. For example, see this one below by Kevin Marks on Buzzwordsmy talk notes).

Prezi allows you to create a giant mind-map of your presentation, and using zoom and movement on the map, creates a presentation from it.

Check out the Prezi tutorials and videos for more. It’s just blowing my mind, and seems very fun and easy to use too.

I think I’m never ever going to use powerpoint again.

Teenagers and Skyblog: Cartigny Powerpoint Presentation [en]

[fr] Une présentation que j'ai donnée en juin lors d'un colloque de recherche à Cartigny. La présentation powerpoint contient un "tour d'horizon" plutôt visuel de ce que j'ai pu rencontrer durant mes "promenades" sur la plate-forme Skyblog. Cela représente assez bien les préoccupations des écoles qui me contactent afin de venir parler de blogs aux adolescents, aux parents, et aux enseignants (pas tous en même temps bien sûr!)

Earlier this year (in June) I was asked to give a presentation on teenagers and blogs at a medical research workshop in Cartigny, near Geneva (Sexual Health of Adolescents in the Internet Age: Old Concerns, New Challenges). I’ve just received an OK to put it online, so here it is: Teenagers and Skyblog, Powerpoint [8Mb].

It’s basically a very visual “collage” of what I’ve found during my expeditions on the Skyblog blogging platform which a lot of French-speaking teenagers use. It reflects the kind of issues that I’m asked to come and speak about in schools (to teenagers, parents, and teachers — not at the same time, of course).

My excuses for the format — no powerpoint on this machine, so I can’t convert it to anything nicer.

I’ve just discovered SlideShare and uploaded the slides there. You can view them below: