Prezi: Never Use Powerpoint Again [en]

[fr] Prezi va tuer Powerpoint, c'est moi qui vous le dis. Vous créez un canevas géant de votre présentation, et à coups de zoom et de déplacement, naviguez à l'intérieur pour illustrer votre présentation tout en gardant la structure de celle-ci bien visible. Powerpoint? Une dimension. Prezi? Trois.

A quick note to point you to Prezi, which I saw in action a couple of times in Paris. For example, see this one below by Kevin Marks on Buzzwordsmy talk notes).

Prezi allows you to create a giant mind-map of your presentation, and using zoom and movement on the map, creates a presentation from it.

Check out the Prezi tutorials and videos for more. It’s just blowing my mind, and seems very fun and easy to use too.

I think I’m never ever going to use powerpoint again.

12 thoughts on “Prezi: Never Use Powerpoint Again [en]

  1. I saw this earlier in the year, and it seems like a cool online solution. Is it not just “the next cool thing” though? I can imagine that once you’ve seen this kind of presentation half a dozen times, it’ll be just as dull as an other template-based presentation.

  2. I don’t think so, actually, because Prezi really brings three dimensions into presentations, compared to the linear, 1D powerpoint. Even if we get sick of the templates, it’ll still be better than PowerPoint.

  3. So, this is kind of funny — I dreamt I was giving a presentation with Prezi this morning. What was really great about it was that I could control it with my hands: I would point to an element and “poke” it with my finger to zoom in onto it, and I could move things about and zoom in or out by moving my hands in the air right in front of me as if it were an iphone screen.

    Pretty neat, huh? When’s that coming to the end-consumer?

  4. Because of all the movements created by zooming, not sure all audiences will appreciate or that this will be efficient in all types of presentations. As many presentation professionals, my motto is “Animation with a purpose”. I’d rather stick with PowerPoint but use its hyperlinking functions to make my presentations non linear and look like 3D.

  5. Ah, maybe a giant one! But my hands were not even on the screen — the presentation was projected on a screen with a beamer and I was just waving my hands in the air on stage 🙂

  6. Prezi is based on Flash technology which is a dying technology. Let’s see if it works on html 5 then maybe it will have a chance to survive.

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