Chosen Spam Tidbits [en]

Some fun things spammers tried to leave in my comments.

[fr] Quelques commentaires, drôles à  mon goût, que les spammeurs ont tenté de laisser sur ce blog.

Now that Spam Karma has been efficiently killing nearly 600 spams during the last 48 hours, here are a few chosen tidbits from the deletion log.

Your website is beautifully decorated and easily navigated. I have enjoyed visiting this site today and hope to visit many more times in the future.
Easily navigated! Wow. Now that exceeds my expectations. I’m not certain I want you to visit many more times in future, though.
Thank you for opening a wonderfully new sight..I wish you the best of luck with your new venture.
Er… thanks to you!
Good morning, I am new to this site. I have just learned about this site. I am going to read on and it’s very interesting to know
Yes, I’m very glad to know that!
I put my step in to your guestbook like I always.
Hope you didn’t break anything there.
I found your website after I have been surfing the internet to be useful.
That sounds like a great way to make oneself useful.
Just stopped by to visit and got the crunch on your stuff in here – bravo!
Did it taste nice?

Which one do you prefer? If you got fun spam lines too, post them in the comments.