Ye Olde-School Personal Blogs Are Still Around [en]

[fr] Le blog personnel existe toujours. On a parfois tendance à l'oublier, noyés que l'on est sous la masse des machines à audience que l'on appelle "blog" ces jours.

Yesterday evening I was winding down when I thought of checking a bunch of old-school (personal) blogs I visit once in a while. If you’re not an old hand, and you’re looking for some good personal blogs written by those who made up the blogosphere in its golden hour, read on:

There are of course tons of other great blogs out there. But most of these were around in my early days of blogging, and it warms my heart that they still are.

What are your favorite personal blogs?

6 thoughts on “Ye Olde-School Personal Blogs Are Still Around [en]

  1. While some of those have been through fallow periods, it’s heartening to see decade-old blogs like them still going strong.

    It’s an inspiration to mere eight year whipper-snappers like myself 😉

    (Funny how that three years or so of prior experience seemed like so much back then.)

    I do, still, find their style of blogging way more inspirational than the current breed of “blogging by numbers”, that I find deeply soulless, and oddly close to a pyramid scheme sometimes.

  2. Heck Adam, you’re one of the many worthy old-school bloggers I should have cited too 🙂

    And yeah, back then we were all “omg, she’s been blogging for TWO YEARS!!” — also increasingly unimpressed with the “blogging by numbers” crowd, specially as they are what the general public now think of when they say “blog” (better or worse than “online diary”, do you think?)

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