Things I Enjoy Doing For My Friends [en]

[fr] Une liste de choses que j'aime faire pour mes amis, comme démonter les ordinateurs, aider à déménager, remplir les coffres de voiture ou lire la carte.

– Putting together ikea furniture
– Fitting stuff in cellars, car boots, suitcases, fridges or other limited spaces (makes me a valuable asset when moving)
– Taking computers apart and putting them back together (preferably upgrading bits and pieces in the process)
– Installing and upgrading programmes or the OS (mac only!)
– Reading the map
– Explaining finer points of French grammar or spelling
– Light DIY (no drilling in walls)
– Unboxing things

What are yours?

One thought on “Things I Enjoy Doing For My Friends [en]

  1. It is actually a good question. Not that I don’t do anything for my friends but mostly I don’t think much about it .
    so here are a few things I do for them
    – invite their kids for the w-e so that they can enjoy a w-e “en amoureux”
    -Organize “en groupe” transportation of kids so that only one mother is on the road
    – help them out with their soft/hardware problems
    – keep stuff/plants for them while they ‘re on vacation.
    – archive newspaper articles that might interest them.
    – take the time to listen to them on the phone when I should really be working/going somewhere…

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