Plans for Basic Bilingual [en]

[fr] Projets de développement pour le plugin WordPress Basic Bilingual, qui rend ce blog bilingue.

Here are the next improvements I want to make to the WordPress plugin Basic Bilingual. Considering my coding skills, they will happen slowly, so feel free to lend a hand if you think you can.

  1. Move the language definition to the admin screen. There’s already a screen and an option there, so it’s a simple case of copying and modifying code around to create options for language 1 and language 2, and create a simple function to retrieve the values at the beginning of the plugin.
  2. Allow WordPress search to access the other-excerpt field. The Keyword Search in Plugin Table example in Codex is close enough to what I’d like, only it would need to search in the postmeta table instead of a custom plugin table.
  3. Here’s the big one. Append a language code to any WordPress URL (except permalinks) to filter out posts from the other language. Ideally, would display posts in the language and also the other-excerpts of posts in the other language, with different formatting (smaller title font to distinguish them from full posts written in the desired language). Am reading up on wp-rewrite, permalinks for custom archives, WordPress queries and custom queries. I feel I’m onto something, but I also feel just a little bit out of my depth.

5 thoughts on “Plans for Basic Bilingual [en]

  1. The first improvements is already available!
    I sent you the version 0.41 some time ago (22.11.2009), you have lost it ?

  2. whoops, can’t find it? I managed to code the first point (set language on options page), am now almost done with the search bit 🙂

    Have I been busy trying to code stuff you’d already done?

  3. I think giving people the option to filter out my posts would really help my bilingual blogging – paradoxically!

  4. “Append a language code to any WordPress URL (except permalinks)”

    I don’t really get what you mean ?
    By the way, for queries and so on, you should have a look at custom taxonomies, which is rather a very simple way to split posts in different languages.
    The Custom Post Type UI plugin ( though still buggy with WP3.0 beta version lets you create taxonomies in the administration, and language is typically something good for that.
    You can for example decide whether the custom taxonomy can be or not a query variable.

    As far as I understand, basic bilingual works only for article (and not pages ? ) so it should be really simple to add the taxonomy to the posts

    And by the way…. if you could make it “basic trilingual” or basic multilingual that would be a dream, as my blog will soon have three languages 🙂

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