Life Comes in Bursts [en]

A few weeks ago, it looked like I had time on my hands. Things have accelerated recently (including a series of disruptive personal and professional issues, all over the course of a couple of weeks) and I’m now looking at a very busy week before I head off to Leeds next Sunday (not tomorrow, Sunday 10th).

I’m working on a long article in French around “Piracy is not Theft“, and also an English version of my article on care of indoor cats for Kits and Mortar, which partly explains the silence here these last two weeks.

Do you also notice this in your lives? I know all about the “feast and famine” cycle for the freelancer, but I’ve found this to be true (for me) in almost all departments. Nothing on the week-end for weeks, and suddenly 4 things in one. Everything is fine for ages, and suddenly 3-4 nasty pieces of news over a few weeks. Work goes smoothly, and then issues start coming up with a bunch of clients all at the same time.

I understood years ago that imbalance is the source of life. Oscillating chemical reactions are what make our hearts beat and what keep us breathing. Life is never stable, at all levels. So I’ve got better at dealing with these “when it rains, it pours” phases… but still, isn’t it annoying sometimes?

4 thoughts on “Life Comes in Bursts [en]

  1. Gosh, this is a useful post. The idea of life being based on imbalance and oscillations really rings true – for me, it’s a battle between “I’m fine; confident in what I do” and “I’m crap; a fraud who’s soon going to get found out”.

    I’ve recently come to the conclusion that this anxiety is just something I have to accept is part of me and learn, somehow, to live with the uncomfortable spells when they come.

  2. Exactly! A lot of the journey through life is not so much “fixing oneself” as “accepting how one functions”.

  3. When the article about “Piracy is not Theft” is done, we might like to link to it from (assuming it is released under a free license of some kind)…

    I can’t explain the life-comes-in-bursts phenomenon, but have also noticed it!

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