LeWeb13: Tony Fadell, Nest Labs Founder [en]

We already have smoke detectors, etc. Change the customer experience. Have products that we love.

These products need to be highly differentiated from what they are today. You have your smartphone in your hand at all times. How does your life change? How does your person, house, car change?

Upsetting established markets. Disturbing businesses who have been able to do the same thing over and over again for 40 years.

Have seen really dirty tactics from their competitors. Incumbents throw everything they can think of at a startup trying to disrupt their business.

Manufacturing brings a whole other set of problems than building a few products. Need to plant the seeds early to be able to defend yourself and manufacture properly.

Nest Labs have over 100 patents issued. Many more on file. Not agreeing with Guy Kawasaki clearly.

Mass market products which need to go in every home, every business. They are not daily products. So you need disruptive marketing, disruptive product, disruptive retail.

steph-note: mandatory smoke detectors in homes feels ridiculous seen from Switzerland. Everywhere I go where they have smoke detectors (UK, etc) it’s just false alarm after false alarm => alarmapathy.

Important that people can trust the products. Baked into the company culture.

Vision: from anywhere in the world you know what’s going on in your house. Increased levels of comfort when you travel.

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