PJW Blogminder Plugin for WordPress [en]

[fr] J'en rêvais, on m'a prise au mot: un plugin qui vous envoie une alerte si vous n'avez pas publié quoi que ce soit sur votre blog depuis x jours (entre un et sept jours). Histoire d'éviter que la semaine entière passe sans s'en rendre compte!

A few days, ago, I was dreaming out loud on Twitter about a plugin which would let me know when I hadn’t published anything on my blog after a certain number of days. I guess that, once again, I’d reached the end of a week and realised that I had not written a single thing on CTTS.

Well, my wish was heard, and Peter Westwood has just released the PJW Blogminder plugin. The plugin adds a simple option to your profile page, where you can request a reminder if you haven’t published anything in the last few days (set the number of days between one and seven).

Blogminder screenshot


(Now I just need to get my server to send mail… ahem.)

One thought on “PJW Blogminder Plugin for WordPress [en]

  1. What a cool tool! J’ai vous trouver apres le post de Nathalie Hamidi. J’ai travaille a Morges entre 2003-2006. Maintenant je suis en Californie…San Francisco, mais j’adore La Suisse et La France. Votre chat es adorable!

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