FOWA: 10 Cool Web Apps Demo (Ben Forsaith, Adobe) [en]

[fr] Notes prises à l'occasion de la conférence Future of Web Apps (FOWA) à Londres.

Very brief notes from Ben Forsaith‘s session at FoWA.

FOWA 2007 5

  • Slide Rocket (Keynote/Powerpoint online)
  • Scrapblog: make visual stuff
  • Picnic: very easy to use, full online photo editor
  • MTV Video Remixer: not working
  • BuzzWord (recently purchased by Adobe)

Examples outside the browser (AIR):

  • Fine Tune: web radio station with randomized playlist
  • eBay
  • a Media Player of some kind
  • Pownce
  • a Google Analytics tool (sounds nice)

3 thoughts on “FOWA: 10 Cool Web Apps Demo (Ben Forsaith, Adobe) [en]

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