Three-Bedroom Flat to Sublet (Lausanne) [en]

[fr] Un ami cherche à sous-louer son appartement meublé à Lausanne, dès mars 2007, jusqu'à une année (flexible). C'est un trois-pièces avec vue, à environ 10 minutes du centre en bus.

Si vous voulez des informations supplémentaires, contactez-moi et je vous donnerai les détails.

Update: flat has found a taker, not available anymore.

A friend of mine is looking for somebody to sublet his furnished flat to, starting March 2007, for upto a year (some flexibility there). It’s a very nice three-bedroom flat with a view, about 10 minutes by bus to the centre of Lausanne.

If you’d like any extra info, get in touch with me (e-mail, phone, twitter, IM… you choose) and I’ll give you the details.

6 thoughts on “Three-Bedroom Flat to Sublet (Lausanne) [en]

  1. i love lausanne, i’d be interested in finding out the price range so that i can start convincing myself that it’s a good idea… 🙂

  2. Hi.
    I am looking for a appartement for sous-louer in Lausanne. Probably April until Okt or Dezember maybe longer.

    For 5-6 month (april-oktober) I will have guests, one kid (6years) with her mother. Is that appartement convinient for this setup?


  3. Hey Phil — and others. I’m sorry, but the flat has found an inhabitant during the time it is available. Good luck on your hunting!

  4. Actually, that didn’t work out. So latest news is that the flat is still available and urgently waiting to find a tenant!

  5. Dear Stephanie,

    if buy any chance you hapen to know an other appartement for sublet, will you please let me know.


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