5 thoughts on “Ziki: Aborted Sign-Up [en]

  1. Hello Stephanie – Our apology. The server was down for a few minutes and apparently this is when you tried to signup 🙁 Almost never happens though, so if you decide to give it another try you should be fine!

    As for the sign-up form, we do understand your point. The reason is that to make your profile immediately relevant to other members (or outside viewers), we just need to have “some” information about yourself. However, we’ve tried to keep to a minimum the number of mandatory fields and balance the burden of signing-up versus mandatory information.

    Regarding coComment, we don’t use it like this but our users can add their coComment feed to their Ziki profile in their “latest comments” category. On your Ziki you can aggregate all your digital content (as long as it has an RSS feed). Your Ziki is like your public homepage, giving a full picture of yourself at a glance. So quite a few Ziki members have added their coComment feed as it’s a popular service 🙂

    Sorry again and we hope you will give us another try. Feel free to contact me for any questions. And keep telling us what you think!

  2. We’ve worked a lot on the service. Feel free to give it a try again. We will be at leweb3 conference and will enjoy your thoughts on the service.

    Also you’ll find a great screencast on the service to see a rapid overview of the service here : http://www.leblogdebezier.com/?p=54

    See you.

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