Technorati One Billion Links [en]

[fr] Quand est-ce que Technorati atteindra 1'000'000'000 de liens indexés? Dans 48 environ 24 heures, d'après moi.

Well, here is my guess (I’ll tell you later how I reached it): roughly two days from now, which means March 31st, 23:36 San Fransisco time.

Update, 09:52 Of course, I messed up in my calculations. Instead of taking two days from my first measurement, I took two days from now — so actually, if I had thought a bit, my entry would have said March 31st, 01:36… Too bad! Will teach me to post in a hurry 😉

3 thoughts on “Technorati One Billion Links [en]

  1. And if I had been just a little smarter and used the current number of links as my starting value, I would have said something like 2:53 am.

  2. donc traduction, on enlève 10 heures, (tiens, je vous que l’heure de mon blog est fausse), et ça nous donne, 8h50 du matin.

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